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Now scheduling a one month tour for The Somewhere I See You Again by Nancy Thorne #YARomance

Now scheduling a one month tour for The Somewhere I See You Again by Nancy Thorne

This tour will be May 19- June 16 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews and spotlight stops

pdf, epub and mobi available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please let me know if you wish to review

The Somewhere I See You Again
Nancy Thorne

Genre: YA Romance

Tagline: The lives of two teenage girls take a dramatic turn when both their families face financial ruin. Blackmail may be their only solution - and undoing.

Hannah will resort to anything to save her mother’s life. Including blackmail.Even if the target is the former boyfriend of her goody-goody best friend, Stacy.

Except, he just moved to the West Coast, and now it’s up to Hannah to convince Stacy to hitchhike with her cross-country to confront him.

It’s 1971. Change is happening. And Hannah’s understanding of the world is about to be tested by those she encounters along the way, includinga gorgeous draft dodger.

Someone is about to face a deathly experience. But it’s not Hannah’s mother.

The Somewhere I See You Again is an extraordinary story about the life-changing power of love and friendship against insurmountable odds 

About the Author:

Nancy Thorne is an award-winning author of fiction inspired by the romance and courage of youth.

Born and raised in Toronto, Nancy fostered a passion for words and creating stories in grade school but hid it much too well. Bringing to life a lifelong dream, her short stories have recently appeared in anthologies and literary journals.

Her debut novel, VICTORIAN TOWN, a  young adult paranormal romance with mystery and time travel elements, was released in 2018 and won First Place for the 2019 Dante Rossetti Award.

Nancy Thorne’s work has appeared in over seven major publications including The First Line Literary Journal and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She has received several awards and accolades including the Writer’s Award from the APL. Her works continue to appear in many journals and online publications. She lives just outside of Toronto with her loving family, energetic labrador, and an entertaining corgi.

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Now On Tour Apocalipstick by Lisa Acerbo

April 12 The Pimpettes FB

April 13 Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
April 14 I Smell Sheep (Guest Blog) 

April 15 The Book Junkie Reads
April 16 Roxanne Rhoads FB

April 19 T's Stuff
April 20 Supernatural Central (Interview)
April 21 Roxanne Rhoads Instagram

April 22 Lisa’s World of Books
April 23 Fang-tastic Books 

April 26 Paranormalists (Guest Blog)

April 27 Roxanne’s Realm 
April 28 The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom (Guest Blog)

April 29 Fang-tastic Books FB

April 30 Jazzy Book Reviews
May 3 Sapphyria's Books

May 4 Midnight Musings with Bertena

May 5 JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder (Interview)
May 6 Bewitching Book Tours

May 7 Westveil Publishing 

May 10 Serena Synn (Interview)

Hell in a Handbag Series
Book One
Lisa Acerbo

Genre: Horror, Dystopian, 
Romantic Fantasy, NA Romance
Publisher: DLG Publishing Partners
Date of Publication: March 24, 2021
Number of pages: 264
Word Count: 66, 000

Tagline: Life is bad after the apocalypse . . . the undead just made it worse. 

Book Description: 

“My dreams pre-pandemic included  a high school graduation party before attending college and marrying an attractive future lawyer. Instead, I'm praying for a long, sharp knife and a big gun to survive the undead.” —Jenna 

Jenna Martin lives in a world gone insane after a mysterious pandemic kills much of the population. Being alive after an apocalypse is bad, but it is made worse when the multitudes killed by the disease return ravenous for human flesh. Jenna, in serious trouble and pursued by undead, heads to the safest place available, a cemetery. 

Ready to give up, she finds the strength to persevere for one more night and meets a group of survivors willing to take her in. The group caravans to Virginia, where they plan to inhabit an isolated inn called High Point, but the undead are always close behind. Packs of zombies, known as Streakers, attack, leaving Jenna and the other survivors battling for their lives and racing toward safety. 

Once safely isolated at the inn, the group rebuilds society and Jenna begins a relationship with Caleb. Although he withstood the virus, he has not come out unscathed. He and some others now labeled the New Rave have changed into what many would call zombie kin—vampires. Jenna's falls hard and fast for Caleb, which causes more problems that she ever expected in the fledgling society. But there are worse things than vampires and zombies searching for her, and they arrive at the inn's door ready for destruction.

About the Author:

Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and adjunct faculty at a local community college. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, two dogs, and horse. When not writing, she mountain bikes, hikes, and fosters dogs.

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Release Day Blitz Leviathan by Sky Purington #TimeTravel #DragonShifter #Romance

Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire 
Book One
Sky Purington

Genre: Time Travel Dragon Shifter Romance
Date of Publication: April 12, 2021
Number of pages: 210
Word Count: 70K
Cover Artist: Tara West

Tagline: An explosive enemies-to-lovers tale teeming with wicked secrets and fiery passion.

Book Description: 

The only thing Destiny knows is her name, but who's complaining? She lives in a beautiful million-dollar seaside chalet without a care in the world. At least until a psychic shows up at her front door claiming Destiny's true identity is remarkable. She must remember who she is. What she's meant to do. If that isn't enough, her house isn't her own, and her fate tied to a man in the distant past. A fierce, brooding Viking who's too arrogant for his own good yet sinfully alluring.

Leviathan doesn't believe in love, so the woman he saved shouldn't be haunting his thoughts. Especially considering they barely got along. Yet now, thanks to the fire he used to keep Destiny alive, the feisty, stunning redhead is put in his path once more. Worse yet, she might be the foretold Sigdir who sparks the next Great War. That means she must die by his blade once and for all.

Will Leviathan be able to sacrifice Destiny to save everyone? Or is it already too late, and she's found her way into a heart he didn't know he had? Find out as they embark on an epic dragon shifter romance adventure across time in Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire.


About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of over fifty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Purington married her hero, has an amazing son who inspires her daily and two ultra-lovable husky shepherd mixes. Passionate for variety, Sky's vivid imagination spans several romance genres, including historical, time travel, paranormal, fantasy and erotica. Expect steamy stories teeming with protective alpha heroes and strong-minded heroines.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,, join her quarterly newsletter, or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Text ‘skypurington’ (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time. 









New Release Text Alerts:

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Now On Tour The Liminal Chronicles by Amy Winters-Voss with Exclusive Excerpt #UrbanFantasy #JapaneseMythology #ExclusiveExcerpt

April 12 Serena Synn (Interview) 

April 13 Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
April 14The Book Junkie Reads

April 15 I Smell Sheep (Guest Blog)
April 16 Supernatural Central (Interview)
April 19 Lisa’s World of Books

April 19 Booklikes

April 20 Bewitching Book Tours
April 21 Fang-tastic Books 

April 22 Roxanne Rhoads FB

April 23 Paranormalists (Guest Blog)

April 26 Bewitching Book Tours FB

April 27 Roxanne’s Realm 
April 28 The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom (Guest Blog)

April 29 Jazzy Book Reviews
April 30 Fang-tastic Books FB

May 3 Sapphyria's Books

May 4 JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder (Interview)

May 5 The Pimpettes FB
May 6 Westveil Publishing 

May 7 Roxanne Rhoads Instagram

May 10 Midnight Musings with Bertena

The Liminal Chronicles
Book One
Amy Winters-Voss

Genre: Urban fantasy and Japanese Mythology 
Publisher: Shy Red Fox Publishing
Date of Publication: April 30, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7366720-0-6
ISBN: 978-1-7366720-1-3 
Number of pages:312
Word Count: 97,000
Cover Artist: Odette.A.Bach

Tagline: A myth come to life may be worth far more than his freedom.

Book Description:

Will a former gangster dare to protect the elderly woman who antagonizes him? He must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer or the old lady. Each choice carries a hefty price.

Umeji Tatsuya moves from Tokyo to a small town after leaving the yakuza, the Japanese mob. He knows all too well that his past can't stay buried.

‘Once Yakuza, always Yakuza. The tattoos mark you for life.’

Nakamura Hisako, the town’s beloved dowager, learns about Umeji’s past and tries to oust him, but Umeji just discovered her own long-held secret. If he keeps it for her, the cost is his recently regained freedom. If he doesn’t, Nakamura might have to leave her home, and he risks angering forces he barely understands… and barely believes in.

As the mundane and Spirit Realm intertwine, so do the modern-day and the Pre-Meiji eras. Centuries-old rivalries flare up again, and the past returns in the present. Umeji’s second chance is only the first step of his journey to discover myth, social redemption, and found family.

Rise is the first book in the Liminal Chronicles series.


Dark eyes blink awake in the harsh brightness. An old woman’s muffled, “Yuki?” has such a tender tone. My heart stops. The heated table and blankets fly across the room as I scramble away.

In my experience, waking up next to a strange woman and someone yelling at me means awful things—death, arrest, or cutting off the knuckle of a finger. Where’s the fox?

“Who’s Yuki?” Satou demands.

Nakamura’s face falls. “Not him. It’s only the yakuza.” When she tries to sit up, her unearthly howl carries echoes of the previous evening.

Frozen against the wall, I gulp in air while checking to see if my heart started beating again.

Satou tries to aid his aunt. But she protests in a wail, “Careful, Kazuo!”

His eye twitches, and the words turn hard. “Why didn’t either of you call for medical help? Now the only place that is open is in Shimosaki.”

Grimacing, she pants. “I insisted on waiting for you to take me to the hospital.”

Concern replaces the fury on his face. “What happened? How long have you been here?”

Not taking my eyes off her as I try to piece this puzzle together, I set the worse-for-wear kotatsu upright again. So Nakamura, the old biddy that has nothing but nasty words for me and runs over my toes with a cart, is a shape-shifting kitsune?

She perseveres with only an occasional wince. “I was cleaning the shrine, as I always do when that storm popped out of nowhere. It wasn’t in the forecast. He rescued me from under a fallen tree and carried me through the snow. I still don’t approve of you bringing in a yakuza. So, it pains me to admit he was a gentleman. We were both soaked-to-the-bone freezing. Lying here kept us warm and saved my life, nephew! We owe that young man.”

Nothing about being a fox. The tingle at the base of my neck says I’ve just got to know. “So, it was you who always took my offerings?”

“Darn right. Can’t you do better than that?”

Wiping my hand over my face, I try a double entendre. “Nakamura-san, you’re something else.” It earns me a thump on the head.

“I’ll wallop you again if you don’t watch it!”

“Understood, Ma’am.” So, Satou doesn’t know. And Nakamura could ruin me. No good deed goes unpunished.

Despite his aunt’s protests, my boss insists on calling an ambulance. Her lips purse as she watches Satou dial. Then, squeezing my wrist with a strength an old woman shouldn’t possess, she commands in the barest whisper, “Not a peep from you, boy.”

I can’t even jerk away, and my teeth grind in our tug of war until I comply. Then a minute flash of light and a prick of static electricity hit me where she releases me from her death grip. My stomach tightens. In the legends, kitsune fled after being discovered. Is that why she forced me into a promise? So she doesn’t have to leave Nonogawa?

The ambulance whisks Nakamura to the closest hospital, twenty minutes away on a winding road to Shimosaki, just south of Nonogawa. As we follow in my boss’s car, we drive out of the freshly fallen snow. Silhouetted trees loom over us on each side of the highway. Still not slowing, my heart pounds roughly in my chest.

“Thanks for helping Aunt Hisako. She can be difficult,” Satou says.

“Sure.” The chill of the leather seat goes straight through my pants, winding up my muscles and nerves further.

“Why was she lying beside you?” Satou’s flat, controlled tone sends prickles through me.

“When the tree crashed, I heard the scream, then ran back and helped her crawl out. Neither of us had cell phones, and I couldn’t leave her alone. So, I carried her. We fell asleep in the warmth as we waited. Just as she said.”

“She gripped your arm when I called the paramedics. You didn’t mention that.” When he pulls over, his penetrating stare pins me in place. He hisses, “Listen Umeji, I was the top club host in Osaka before I moved here to remake my reputation. Spent years telling people what they wanted to hear. I know damned well when someone isn’t speaking the whole truth. You knew she was there. Why’d you abandon her in the storm?”

That’s why he speaks a little differently, he’s not from here either. Though his accent is closer than my Tokyo one. My hands fly up in defense. “I didn’t know she was there until I saw her. I swear!”

The garlic on his breath overwhelms me as he leans in. “And she trusts a convict that she doesn’t like one iota to sleep beside him in his arms? You didn’t threaten or dig up information on her, did you?”

To appear more at ease, I lean back. “No, Sir. Sure, she’s had it out for me. This evening, she insulted me as I helped, and asked why it had to be me. I don’t understand it! We had to thaw out or risk hypothermia. We were so fuckin’ cold. Even giving her my coat on the way home didn’t help much. I would’ve dumped her, clothes and all, into the bath. But in her condition, we couldn’t do that. So the kotatsu was the next best option.”

With narrowed eyes, he states in a voice sharper than a knife’s edge, “I thought we were alike, in wanting to change and leave our past behind. If I find just one tiny white lie, Umeji, I’ll drop-kick your ass directly into jail. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir!” That host shit is messed up. If he was so keen on bringing you halfway across Japan, was it from the goodness of his heart? Don’t bet on it. Everyone has something to hide around here.

His nod is curt as he pulls onto the road. I force my breathing to slow and peel my fingers from the door handle, but a shiver runs down my spine. It’s not from the low temperature.

Satou fiddles on his phone as we sit in the empty, vanilla-bland, dim waiting room with its vinyl chairs. Whatever the industrial cleaner is in the emergency room stings my nose as it wafts from the check-in and exam rooms. The incessant typing of the receptionist nurse grates on my nerves. My fingers tap hard on the arm of the chair.

Might as well ask. “Sir, it had to be hard to leave. Quite a few of the clubs are yakuza-owned, and they’re possessive of their best. How’d you leave?”

In a thicker than usual accent, his words spit out and his look hardens. “Umeji, if you want to know that, be completely honest. Secrets are how you repay me? Get to the bottom of it, or we’re done.”

My throat tightens and the old uncomfortable coldness settles back in my chest, returning like a desperate ex-girlfriend. “Sir, I can’t tell you. I promised. I’ll share anything that involves only me.”

“You know the outcome. I’ll contact the police in the morning with my report.” Tilting his face and hissing a breath between his teeth, he delivers the crowning blow. “Is whoever it is worth it?”

My eyes sting as I clench my fists. “I believe so,” Doesn’t make it easy. If only I could tell him, but I promised one of the mythical creatures I idolized as a kid. I know better than to piss off a yokai. In the myths, that always goes bad—much worse than jail.

He doesn’t let up. “Is it someone from your past?”

“No, Sir.” The pregnant pause hurts. As I dare to glance up, his expression says another question is imminent. The roughness in my words comes from trying to quell the roar inside. “Satou-san, I have the utmost gratitude toward you. Please, no more questions about anyone else.”

To see him lean back resigned is a stab in the chest, the final nail in my coffin. Will the old bat understand or care about what I’ve sacrificed? With dragging steps, I grab a tea from the vending machine around the corner. One of my last acts as a free man. While my head rests on the wall, the unopened warm bottle dangles in my grip. Idiot. I should have known better than to hope.

About the Author:

Amy is a former programmer turned author after her first trip to Japan in 2017. Now she writes Japanese myth-based urban fantasy to reconnect with the country and culture that captured her heart.

She lives in South Dakota with her supportive husband, two wonderful kids, a mellow old cat who adopted the family, and three wily and crazy ferrets.


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Now scheduling a one week tour for Kicking and Screaming by McCarty Griffin #Paranormal

Now scheduling a one week tour for Kicking and Screaming by McCarty Griffin

This tour will be May 3-10 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews and spotlight stops

pdf available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please let me know if you wish to review

Kicking and Screaming
McCarty Griffin

Genre: Paranormal
Date of Publication: January 20, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-3012-1460-0
Number of pages: 322
Word Count: 98, 373
Cover Artist: Joleene Naylor

Book Description: 

Lacey DeLaney is dragged kicking and screaming into battling evil spirits and portals to other dimensions when she makes an impulsive bet with her best friends, Tish MacFarlane and Penny Elliot. 

Together they face off against the nether world and each other on a wild adventure no reality show could ever have prepared them for. 

Join this unlikely trio of ghost hunters, along with congenial empath Mary McDonald, on their wild ride through demonic mayhem and ghostly madness, where only the deep bonds of friendship they share can bring them safely through to this adventure’s shocking end.

About the Author:

McCarty Griffin lives in the Pacific Northwest, at the foot of the Cascades, with her husband, two children and several nonhuman family members. She is a transplanted hillbilly, born in Texas, but raised in the hollows and hills of West Virginia where most of her works are set. She does not limit her creative efforts to any particular genre, although she does have a special love for horror and the paranormal she traces back to a childhood of Saturday nights eating Chef Boyardee pizza and watching Chiller Theatre with her mother. Before settling in to raise her daughter and son, she served in the United States Army, went home to earn her undergraduate and law degrees, and then practiced criminal defense law for more than ten years. One day she finally sat down and started writing, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Now Available - The Underworld Library: Hellbrary Book One by Laura Bickle #DarkFantasy #Hellbrary #UnderworldLibrary

Whoever possesses the Great Library of the Underworld rules Hell itself…and threatens the destiny of both the Heavens and Earth.

The Underworld Library
Book One
Laura Bickle

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Syrenka Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: 4/1/21
Number of pages: 304
Word Count: 90,426

Cover Artist: Pretty in Ink Creations

Book Description:

Whoever possesses the Great Library of the Underworld rules Hell itself…and threatens the destiny of both the Heavens and Earth.

The Great Library contains the most deadly magic tomes penned since the beginning of time. This magic is both wondrous and terrible, kept under lock and key by witch-librarians serving the king of the Underworld.

Eve is one of those faithful librarians. She doesn’t recall her life prior to the Hellbrary, and unlike her fellow Hellbrarians, she has very little magic to speak of. When a dangerous book is stolen, she must recover it with the help of a Gorgon librarian, a hellhound, and a mysterious shapeshifting royal envoy. This daemon, Azarr, has a serpent tongue and the heart of a man – can he be trusted?

King Caldrius’s court has fallen under siege. Caldrius’s cruel son, Ral, has returned from exile with an army to assassinate his father. But his father’s crown alone does not guarantee Ral the throne. He needs the library, and he will take it by force. His ambitions don’t end with the Hellbrary – he means to take Earth and the Heavens beyond.

Eve knows there’s only one way to defeat Ral: they must use the recovered book to awaken the Queen of the Witches. Caldrius imprisoned Viridia millennia ago when she grew too powerful to control. Then, he offered the witches a choice: serve him or die. They served, until now…but will awakening Viridia summon an evil greater than Ral?

Time is running out, and all the forces the Underworld must unite to wage war for the library and control of all of existence.

#DarkFantasy #FantasyBooks #KindleUnlimited

Free with Kindle Unlimited

Excerpt 1.      

Azarr was a daemon who enjoyed puzzles.

            And Eve puzzled him.

            Eve was enchanting in a way that he hadn’t seen in a very long time, and he had allowed himself the pleasure of being a little bit distracted. He watched the way her sharp, dark eyes absorbed this land, missing nothing, and wondered at the keen mind that rested behind them. Was she a jack of all trades, a reference librarian? Or did she indulge more academic interests, perhaps astronomy? She scanned the skies often enough; perhaps she was an astronomer. Or maybe a botanist, the way she examined the trees sprouting junk…

            Her mind certainly worked behind an attractive face. Her lashes were dark and thick, sometimes obscuring where she gazed. Her resting expression was one of wonder, her full lips curving up at the corners, and that charmed him. Mortals rarely smiled in the Underworld, and he marveled that she didn’t seem miserable, and no one was doing anything to correct that.

            He shook his head away from his speculations and admirations. He knew better than to allow his imagination to tangle around women who were inappropriate to pursue. She was not the only human woman he’d ever met. Azarr had been around for a very long time, and had met many mortal and immortal women more objectively beautiful than she was.

            He’d bedded a few of them, fallen in love once every hundred years or so, but thought of himself fairly self-possessed where women were concerned. He had long thought that being a reptile at heart, that this was simply the way it would go for him, his natural cold-blooded state. But there was something about her that fascinated him.

            He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he was enchanted.

            And that was a very dangerous state for a daemon to be in.

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Now On Tour Darkness Awaits by Jamila A. Stone #UrbanFantasy #LBGTQ

April 5 I Smell Sheep (Guest Blog)

April 5 Roxanne’s Realm 
April 6 The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

April 6 Never Hollowed By The Stare 
April 7 Midnight Musings with Bertena

April 7 Sapphyria's Books

April 8 JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder (Interview)

April 8 Author Stephanie Hansen

April 9 Sadie's Spotlight

April 12 Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
April 13 The Book Junkie Reads
April 14 Supernatural Central
April 15 Lisa’s World of Books
April 15 Westveil Publishing 

April 16 Serena Synn (Interview)

April 16 Fang-tastic Books (Guest Blog)

April 19 Paranormalists (Guest Blog)

April 19 Jazzy Book Reviews

Darkness Awaits
Virtus Academy  
Book 2
Jamila A. Stone

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, LGBTQ
Publisher: Black Glory Publishing House
Date of Publication: April 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7356641-0-1
Number of pages: 524
Word Count: 141,850
Cover Artist: Michael Corvin
Tagline: Unexpected secrets stand to change two witches’ lives forever...
Book Description: 

Having narrowly survived their last semester, Natalie King and Alexandra Aurelius are prepared to revel in victory...but, while preparing to become Juniors, it soon becomes clear that peace has been dismissed. 

Relationships are tested and new ones formed, as shadowy souls push their way into Natalie and Alexandra’s lives. Now, more than ever, the witches must stick together and protect their loved ones. Unexpected secrets stand to change their lives forever. 

Darkness impends from every direction, and even the fiercest friendships will be tested. What harmony that existed between human and supernatural governments has been shaken to the breaking point. Should it crumble, hellish truths are sure to be exposed.   

Despite impossible odds, Natalie, Alexandra, and their alliances will unite against unprecedented evil. After all, the only exit often is a wall to break through... 


With her much-anticipated sequel to Strange Things Await, Jamila A. Stone delivers devilish thrills and a dizzying spin on the genre. One thing through the dark is seen: where mystic and mortal subcultures meld, the pages turn themselves. 

Black Glory Publishing House 

Amazon      BN

About the Author:

Jamila A Stone lives in Washington, D.C with her two dogs. Jamila is driven to tell stories without censorship and for the continued creativity in the world of literature. As an African American woman, she understands the lack of opportunity persons of color have to let their artistic creativity be seen on equal platforms, so she created her own publishing company called Black Glory Publishing House. She thinks not just of herself but of the current and future of literature namely increasing the diversity and inclusion within the literary community.

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