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Now On Tour The Storm Breaks by Valerie Storm + Exclusive Bewitching Excerpt:

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The Storm Breaks
Demon Storm 
Book Six
Valerie Storm

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing
Date of Publication: 7/13/2024
ISBN: 978-1-956883-22-0
Number of pages: 416
Word Count: 102,166 
Cover Artist: @Ginkahederling

Tagline:  Cast into the hands of enemies old and new, Kari is losing her grip. Will she fall?

Book Description: 

Wolf and demon born…under storm the land is torn.

Tendrils of darkness reach from the depths of her mind and shadows flicker around every corner. Still reeling from Raven’s horrific display of power, Kari suffers in silence.

When Guine finally returns with stories of a mirror that could help him with his problems, Kari finds herself hoping that maybe, just maybe, it could help with hers as well.

With the promise of a relatively straightforward outing, Kari, Ari, and Guine set forth to find the mirror.

But what they find beyond the looking-glass threatens not only Kari and her sanity, but also the world she loves.

Exclusive Bewitching Excerpt:

Kari’s bones felt like jelly. In fact, all of her insides felt like some form of liquid mush. Her head swam as consciousness slowly crawled its way into her mind. Light blinded her, but that wasn’t right. They were in a cave, where there was no light. She was…they had…

            She shot up, wincing as her head pounded. “AR—”

A hand clamped over her mouth, another behind her head. She clawed at the hand eclipsing the lower half of her face, drawing blood. The person did not even flinch, and Kari’s sense returned just enough to recognize Guine’s scent. She couldn’t see his face, but she felt his tautness; he was frozen, unusually fearful.

Through throbbing, blurry vision, Kari took in the sight of a room made of stone. A beam of sunlight doused them from an open grate high above. The walls were ancient, and crumbling, yet the room—bare as it was—was quite clean, and well-kept. Straight ahead of them stood a single door, black iron.

Where are we?

She pulled at Guine’s fingers, but the human wouldn’t budge. A low growl built in her throat, only to die at the sound of metal clinking. A key fitting into the black iron door.

Behind her, Guine drew a long, slow breath. Kari watched as the door creaked open, allowing the view of a torch-lit hallway and a single robed person. They held a lantern aloft, the small flame inside flickering.

Their gasp ricocheted off the high ceiling, making Kari flinch. “Call Master Radun!” they called over their shoulder, a man’s voice. “Now!”

To Kari and Guine, the man spoke softer, “My name is Dako. I—”

The words at his lips halted as he did; with one step into the room, he froze. His eyes bulged in his head. Kari had enough time to wonder what was wrong with him before his mouth fell open in a high, whining scream—he dissolved from the ground up, robe, flesh, and bone crumbling to dust.

She opened her eyes to find herself on the ground with her paws over her head. Thick thorns had risen all around her, crossing points just above her body.

Guine crouched against her snout. “You need to control yourself, Kari. Please.”

She whimpered.

“We are in your mind. Essie helped me get here. Do you remember that at all? Seeing Essie, and Ari?”

Kari breathed slowly, trying to stamp down the panic in her heart. When had they gotten to Freehaven? What had happened?

She shook her head.

Guine exhaled slowly. “The Catalyst must have taken over at some point. But when?”

Her heart thud, hard. The thorns above them creaked as they grew; Guine had to flatten himself against her to avoid one piercing his behind.

“Kari, focus!” Guine said sharply.

I’m scared.

“I know you are.” Her eyes flew open as he answered her thoughts—he could hear her? “That’s why I’m here, to help you.”

What happened? A low whine left her throat. What did I do?

Guine hesitated.

Tell me! A wave of stifling air surged after the demand. Guine coughed.

“Maybe the Catalyst woke at some point during the walk? I’m not sure. I’m certain now that it was in control when we arrived in Freehaven. You…”

Guine wavered again. Thunder rumbled high above them, making their thorn cage quiver.

“It’s asleep now!” Guine said quickly. “And Essie helped me get here so I could help you stop it!”

You said we saw Ari. The pattering of rain echoed above, and droplets of icy water trickled off the thin, sharp thorns. Did I…

Water peppered them, quickly drenching the ground around her body. Mud squelched beneath her, drawing her in.

“Kari, listen to me.” Guine dug claws into her snout, drawing unbidden tears to her eyes. “Ari is waiting for you, but if you can’t pull yourself together, neither of us will ever see him again.”

She looked up at him. Everything around them was colorless gray, and wet. Neither of us?

“We’ll both be trapped here forever. You have the control here—it’s your mind. Will we go see him again, or not?”

How can I fight the Catalyst? If it was in control, it was absolute. I…am I even me anymore?

Despair clouded and thickened the air. Mud swamped around her legs, slicking against her soft underbelly fur.

“If there was nothing of you left, Kari, I couldn’t be here.”

I want to see Ari.

“We will.”

How? How can we stop this?

“I haven’t done much mind-delving, I’ll admit, but Essie explained the general idea. Every mind has a ‘core’ which houses the very basis of what we are. I think—I’m sure—that the Catalyst’s hold on you is there. She expelled you from it and sent you here. I think…this is the outermost layer of your mind.”

Core? Outer layer? Kari thought tiredly.

“Yes. I believe you and the Catalyst share a core mind. That’s how it can take control at times; it’s essentially a separate personality within you. If we can go to the core and somehow put the Catalyst back to rest, or, better yet, get rid of it…”

Then I’ll be free, she interrupted, anticipation bursting in her heart. I won’t have to worry about the prophecy ever again.

She stood, shattering the now-brittle thorns with her back. The mud hardened and flaked away, and the rain ended so abruptly as if it had never come. Tepid sunlight dried them, and tentative grass sprouted between her paws.

What do we do?

“Well, like I said, I haven’t done much practice with minds like this. I can only say…walk forward? And try to stay focused. That is particularly important, Kari. If you lose track of your goal, you will wander and we’ll both be lost.”

Kari shook her head, flinging Squirrel-Guine from her. Then she stretched and shifted forms, becoming a humanoid demon again. She rolled her shoulders and stretched.

Out of the grass, Guine crawled, human again, and looking grumpy.

“Did you have to throw me?”

“You were on my nose,” she reprimanded him, “digging your mean little claws into me. If I’m honest, you deserve worse.”

“Whatever,” Guine relented. “Let’s go, shall we?”

Ari. I was so close to you before. I’ll see you again, soon.

Something heavy with dread tugged the back of her mind at the thought of him. The softly sweet smell in the air dampened, becoming sick.

“Focus, Kari,” Guine warned.

Taking a deep breath, Kari faced in a random direction, maybe north. She took her first step into the depths of her mind.

About the Author: 

Valerie Storm was raised in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, she fell in love with everything fantasy. When she wasn’t playing video games, she was writing. By age ten, she began to write her own stories as a way to escape reality. When these stories became a full-length series, she considered the path to sharing with other children & children-at/heart looking for a place to call home.

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Now scheduling a Release Day Blitz for Realm of Dreams and Destiny by Stella Dale


Now scheduling a Release Day Blitz for Realm of Dreams and Destiny by Stella Dale

This tour will be July 22 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews, and spotlight stops

review copy available

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please let me know if you wish to review

Realm of Dreams and Destiny
Entwined Hearts Series 
Book One
Stella Dale

Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: War of Hearts Publishing
Date of Publication: July 22, 2024
Number of pages: 365
Word Count: 102,000+
Cover Artist: War of Hearts Publishing

Tagline: They were bound by destiny long before their hearts were entwined…

Book Description: 

They were bound by destiny long before their hearts were entwined…

Aralin's life is a complex web woven with delicate threads of secrets and destinies. Born into a world where supernatural creatures are hunted, she hides a dangerous reality.

She is not human.

As a princess and pawn in the royal games of power, she finds herself betrothed to the emperor’s son. Yet, her heart beats for another––a warrior in the emperor’s army, a commoner unaware of her true identity.

Just as her world teeters on the brink of disaster, a mysterious vigilante enters her life, his dark allure tempting her toward rebellion against the oppressive emperor. His charm is undeniable, and his cause justified. With each encounter, their fates become increasingly intertwined.

Caught between two men who awaken different desires within her, Aralin struggles with conflicting feelings of duty and desire. However, a new obstacle arises in the form of an ancient prophecy. As signs of the prophecy reveal themselves, Aralin must make a difficult decision: surrender to the expectations placed upon her by others, or fight for her own fate?

About the Author:

Stella Dale is a passionate storyteller who's always had a love affair with books, devouring stories from all genres since she could first hold a book. She spent years as a dedicated nurse, providing care and comfort to those in need, before embarking on her writing journey. However, her true calling beckoned, and she left the medical field to follow her dream of becoming an author.

Nestled in the heart of Mississippi, Stella weaves captivating stories that are brimming with love, adventure, and enchantment. At home, she is surrounded by her loving husband and their three spirited felines, who never fail to provide inspiration and entertainment. When she's not crafting characters and worlds, she loves to embark on international travels, immerse herself in different cultures and landscapes, and satisfy her insatiable curiosity for life's endless tales.

Amazon Author Page: 

Now On Tour Quest for Copia by E.P. Bellows

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Quest for Copia
John William Drake
Book Two
E.P. Bellows

Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Publisher: Azra’s Pith books
Date of Publication: 11/1/24
ISBN: 979-8865821205
Number of pages: 197
Word Count: 38,000

Tagline: Join John William Drake and his friends on their Quest for the Lost City of Copia… but beware, something evil lurks in the shadows.

Book Description:

John William Drake believed there was something special about the medallion Celeste found. It chimed and sparkled in the sunlight. He was right; the medallion was from Copia, a lost city masked in time. Legendary tales were repeated of a golden city inhabited by Empyrean Wizards until it was plagued by dark sorcery when a meager fledgling magician by the name of Imperious the Great wandered in.

Some did not believe the city ever existed; others who knew better wanted it to stay lost. How did it all start? How would it end? The answer simmered for hundreds of years waiting for the right moment to escape.

John and Celeste were more than ready for another adventure. The journey to Copia was also a search for his missing father. They were unaware of just how dangerous their quest was until it was too late. The medallion’s power could bring the lost city to life again, unlocking the dark past dormant within its walls. The young explorers were in the middle of a battle of ancient sorcery that could end with an evil capable of destroying the realm and they held the key.

About the Author:

A little about me…

Let's see... When I was eight, I had a pet turkey. I used to take it with me on my short-lived paper route. Needless to say, I was terrible at delivering the paper. No one wanted a "Dollar Saver" with turkey poop splattered across the best coupons on the front page.

Books... "Treasure Island" is a fantastic pirate tale. I love just about anything by Roald Dahl. Who could ever leave out Tolkien? I would also like to thank C.S. Lewis for sending me on an unrelenting childhood quest for portals to amazing worlds.

I write fantasy stories for children. Yep - proud fantasy geek here. It's pretty darn awesome to escape to another realm with sorcerers and wizards for a chunk of the day. The underlying theme in my stories is empowerment and living purposefully. We all have that spark inside just waiting to shine ;)

When football is on I turn into a cookie-eating pottymouth. I have a theory that avocados are the Jedi of all foods. I also believe the aroma of garlic and butter sizzling in a pan is pure magic.

Last random nugget… few things make me smile more than chocolate, cheese, and a nice splash of vino... AND, if the Chargers would make it to the Super Bowl again - just once 

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Now On Tour A Tale of Something New by D. S. McColgan + Exclusive Excerpt

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July 16 Serena Synn (Guest Blog)

A Tale of Something New
Book One
D. S. McColgan

Genre: paranormal fantasy, romantic, gaslamp
Publisher: A Tale of Ltd
Date of Publication: 22 March 2024
ISBN: 978-1-7385050-0-5 
ISBN: 978-1-7385050-1-2 
Number of pages: 242
Word Count: 69’522

Cover Artist: Lukas Lauener 

Tagline: Saving a mysterious stranger might come back to bite her.

Book Description: 

Liliana is shocked to find a dying man in the middle of the forest, surrounded by the remains of a brutal fight. She brings him home to her father’s farm to nurse him back to health. However, when the stranger regains consciousness, he doesn’t remember who he is or how he came to be there.

Intrigued by the mystery of it all, Liliana sets out to discover who this handsome, well-mannered stranger is. Could he be the man who whisks her away and shows her the world? Or will whatever happened in the forest put her and everyone she loves in grave danger?

This is the start of a new supernatural fantasy series focusing on the decisions one woman has to make in her effort to balance love, morals, ambition and responsibilities as her world expands from her little cozy village to the events that span her continent.

Amazon     BN      Waterstones

‘You spend a lot of time with him,’ Hans said in a lowered voice. He loosened the beds with a rake and hoe so that Liliana could remove the weeds. Further back, Cedi planted seeds and tubers. Without the delicate rays of the morning sun, Liliana’s hands would have quickly turned stiff from the damp, cold earth and the plants covered in dew.

‘What do you mean?’

‘At some point, he will remember his family and return to his own home.’

‘Maybe he doesn’t have one any more.’

‘Even so … Someone like El won’t stay here. He can’t build a new life with us. He knows nothing about livestock and agriculture. He speaks differently, eats differently, thinks differently.’

‘Being different is not bad. I’m different, too, in some ways. You forget that my mother didn’t grow up here either.’

Hans shook his head vehemently. ‘You’re still one of us. You grew up in the countryside. We don’t know anything about El, except that he’s different.’

‘That he’s friendly. And well read, attentive, imaginative …’

And that he might have held a very respectable position before he lost his memory. However, the elegance of the rich and important didn’t quite suit someone who growled at wolves in the forest at night. Had the experience in which he almost died had some kind of strange impact on him? In any case, he wasn’t a madman, and he didn’t have rabies either.

With a casual but powerful blow, Hans stuck the hoe into the ground. Liliana couldn’t tell if he was worried or indignant. ‘He could be a criminal!’

‘Or the escaped victim of a deceitful intrigue.’ Undeterred, Liliana continued to pluck weeds and throw them into the wheelbarrow.

Still shaking his head, Hans picked up the hoe again. ‘Not everyone who is friendly is also trustworthy. I don’t want to accuse him of bad intentions. But don’t get caught up in something you might regret later. The world out there isn’t as romantic as you imagine it to be. Why do you think your mother turned her back on that breed of people?’

Liliana looked up at him. ‘You like life here, don’t you?’

‘Why not? I like working outside. I feel comfortable with the animals, and I know I can count on everyone else when I need help. I like the smell of hay and the open sky above me.’

‘It sounds like your life wouldn’t look any different if you could make it up as you pleased.’

Hans grinned at that. ‘My dream is to build a house on my own stretch of land. I want to pass something on to my children and grandchildren. Something I created with my own hands.’

As they continued to work, she watched his practiced, rhythmic strokes. Hans was proof that one could be satisfied with little. True, being able to admire something created by one’s own hands was a reward in itself. Spoiled people like Aunt Jana would never understand that, just as they wouldn’t know how to enjoy the peaceful setting surrounded by fields, streams and trees. Was that what had encouraged Mother to stay? The modest reliability of the people in the countryside and their connection with nature? Or had she died young because, despite her love for Father, she could never be happy in the daily grind of peasants?

The Spring Celebrations were now an ongoing topic. Liliana told El about the many competitions that would take place and the dance in the evening. Cedi never got tired of talking about the ball game with which the Celebrations were opened. This year, he was finally old enough to participate. After dinner, he explained to El how it was played.

‘The goal is to kick the ball, meaning the inflated pig’s bladder, into the church of the opposing village. We start at the centre stone denoting the halfway mark between Krambach and Heidenried. Every man from the village can take part, and everything is allowed!’

‘Except for manslaughter,’ added Frederik, who stood up from the table. The farmhands had already retired, and Annelies was washing the cooking pot outside.

‘Except for manslaughter!’ Cedi nodded enthusiastically. ‘Last year’s losers slaughter a pig, and the winning village keeps it as a festive roast. Sadly, we lost last year. But this time round we are definitely going to win!’

Father remained seated for once – he had been even more silent than usual since the incident with the wolves – and joined the conversation. ‘Just don’t take your brother as a role model. He dislocated his shoulder last year.’

‘Martin, that fat beast of a man, threw himself at me just as I was about to grab the ball!’ shouted Frederik from one of the other rooms.

‘Are you in?’ Cedi nudged El with his elbow, whereupon he looked questioningly at Liliana. She shook her head.

‘Well then,’ El said with a grin, ‘why not? …’

Liliana threw her hands in the air. ‘Grandmother! Tell him this is a stupid idea!’

But Grandmother laughed. ‘He’s already moving quite freely. After the game, we’ll know if everything has grown back properly.’

‘Or everything will have to heal all over again! Father?’

‘El is a free man. If he wants to throw himself into battle for the pride of the village, I won’t stop him.’

‘Then you two can nurse him back to health afterwards!’

Liliana trudged to her room but left the door ajar and listened to the men’s voices discussing which opponents one had to be particularly wary of. Now and then, Grandmother would chip in to mention a violent game from a past year, after which she had run out of bandages to hand out.

Meanwhile, Liliana opened her closet. She owned several aprons, two work dresses, a Sunday dress, and three beautiful gowns that had once belonged to Mother. Despite the simple cuts, the material was exquisite, and they seemed too precious to wear more than once or twice a year. Since she had also inherited Mother’s petite figure, they fit very well, although Liliana was probably taller. In any case, she didn’t mind showing some ankle. Where might those dresses have been made? Mother could well have acquired them on one of her trips.

She decided she’d wear the light blue one – she wanted to save the silver one for a special occasion, and the pink one she’d worn last year – so she spread it out on her bed. Then she noticed a movement behind her. El appeared in the doorway.

‘Pretty,’ he remarked approvingly. ‘The delicate shimmer stems from woven silk threads, I take it?’

‘I’ll be out again in no time.’ She’d hoped he wouldn’t see the dress until she wore it and quickly grabbed it again.

‘No, no.’ He raised his hands defensively. ‘It is high time for me to move into the living room. You’ve given up your bed long enough for me.’

‘Fine.’ She tidied the dress away. Seeing as El remained in the doorway, she turned to him, arms crossed in front of her chest. ‘I don’t understand how you seriously think you’ll take part in this game when you’re only just able to stand on your own two feet again!’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself.’

His voice sounded unusually soft, and her anger melted away. A feeling came over her, as if she needed to urgently tell him something that had slipped her mind. He returned her gaze for a while, and an exciting kind of dizziness stirred in her. She wished he would name what was happening between them. Instead, he interrupted the tension by clearing his throat, and abruptly broke away from the doorframe.

‘Good night, then.’

Liliana hadn’t noticed just how comfortable her own bed was compared to the straw sacks until she slipped into it. The second thing she immediately noticed was a smell. She wouldn’t have been able to describe it, but she knew it was El’s smell. Lulled into it, she fell asleep quickly, and when she awoke, she was sure they had spent time together in her dreams, too. It was still dark and quiet in the house, yet she couldn’t fall asleep again.

When she thought she heard a noise in the living room, she got up. It was probably nothing, but she would take the opportunity to see if El slept well on the straw sacks. She walked carefully in the dark so as not to bump a toe or wake the others by making a loud noise. Gently, she leaned over the makeshift bed. It was empty. She straightened up and peered around. Where was he? Should she look for him, or should she go back to the warmth of her covers?

Then the front door opened, and a figure illuminated by the moon entered. Liliana was startled, although she knew who it had to be. He dabbed his face with the bottom of his shirt.


He flinched and dropped the hem. ‘You’re awake?’

‘Some kind of noise woke me. I couldn’t fall asleep after that. What about you?’

With the door, he also closed the moonlight away. She straightened up and stepped closer to see more than just his outline. He ran his fingers through his dark hair.

‘I had to relieve myself.’

Liliana felt for his hand, which was damp, and began to rub it between her hands. ‘You’re very cold. It’s not raining outside, is it?’

‘No, I washed myself briefly by the stream.’

‘Why? In the middle of the night?’

She recognised a shrug and set about rubbing his other hand as well. ‘Come, wrap up in your blanket!’

But when she went to get the blanket, he held her back. ‘Liliana.’

His hand rested on her shoulder. Through the fabric of her undershirt, her skin began to burn in a strangely pleasant way. ‘You realise that next time we go to Roinnenstadt, I’ll stay there, don’t you?’

She swallowed and nodded slowly. ‘What are you going to do? You haven’t found anyone who knows you. We don’t know what kind of work you could take on either.’

‘Don’t worry about me. I will find something. I would like to follow up on your aunt’s suspicion, in case she was right after all. And if not, I’ll move on … If I stay here, I may never find out who I am and where I come from. And I don’t want to be a burden to your family any longer, now that I’ve recovered.’

‘You’re not a burden. No matter what you do afterwards, you’re always welcome here in my bed.’

His eyebrows darted upward. An amused tone vibrated in his voice. ‘How am I to interpret that?’

Liliana caught her breath. Somehow, two different strands of thought had treacherously intertwined. ‘That sounded … I mean, you’re always welcome here and … I’m happy to give up my bed for you if you need one … Unless you prefer straw sacks.’

He laughed with a delight that made her knees buckle. She felt his hand on her cheek, his fingers gently stroking towards the back of her neck. ‘I know very well what you mean.’

Her heart reared up as if wanting to break away with excitement, like a wild mare. They were so close together that her chest almost touched his. His fingers reached the back of her head and stayed there for several heartbeats. She looked expectantly at his face, where the bronze eyes glowed warmly. When she felt his breath on her lips, she opened them just a little.

Suddenly, he backed away. Liliana could physically feel the emptiness in front of her. She shrank back. Had she completely misjudged the moment?

El retreated so far into the shadows that she couldn’t make out his expression. She only heard him tentatively clear his throat.

‘I should … get some sleep.’

‘Oh.’ Confused, she searched for something appropriate to say but couldn’t think of anything useful. ‘I thought …’ Yes, what exactly had she been thinking? That he wanted to kiss her? When it came to love, all of her knowledge came from books. ‘Me, too. I should be sleeping, too.’

She wrapped her arms around her middle and crawled back into her room. Had she imagined that he liked her back? Would a man who had no interest in her behave like that? Hardly. What, then, prevented him from expressing his affection? She didn’t sleep a wink until dawn.

About the Author:

D. S. McColgan emigrated from the Swiss mountains to Wales, where she now writes her stories surrounded by green hills, countless sheep and castles. She writes in German and English, and her short stories reside in the realm of fairy tales or magical realism. This year, she has published the first two books of her fantasy series: A Tale of Something New & A Tale of Something Red. 

If you are not afraid of blood and fancy a historical tale with slow-burn romance, secrets, authentic characters and atypical twists, you will love her series.

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Now scheduling a one-month tour for Fanning Fireflies by LS Delorme

Now scheduling a one-month tour for Fanning Fireflies by LS Delorme

This tour will be July 15- August 12  (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews, and spotlight stops

review copy available

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please let me know if you wish to review

Fanning Fireflies
Limerent Series
Book Three
LS Delorme

Genre: Romantic Historical Paranormal Mystery 
Publisher: Limerent Publishing
Date of Publication: April 19, 2024
Number of pages: 230
Word Count: 97000
Cover Artist: Brittany Wilson

Tagline: In 1944 Harrisville, Veronica’s dangerous love ignites a flame that reveals dark secrets, awakens ghosts and threatens to destroy all she loves.

Book Description: 

There is something rotten in Harrisville.

It’s 1944 and Veronica works tirelessly just so she can afford to eat. Maybe one day she will save enough to own the home her family is living in, but for now, she doesn’t have time for fanciful thoughts, or much else.  She doesn’t have time for the fire whispering to her, the ghosts trying to talk to her and the son of her boss, who can’t stop staring at her.  She definitely doesn’t have time to think about Lazlo, the handsome black soldier that she processed at the draft office, but she can’t seem to stop herself. As her ability to ignore Lazlo evaporates, so does her self-imposed ignorance about her hometown. There is, and always has been, something rotten in Harrisville. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. After all, Veronica works in the cigarette factory, where corpses hide in the tobacco with the roaches. 

It’s 1944 and Veronica works tirelessly just so she can afford to eat. She doesn’t have time for fanciful thoughts, or much else.  She doesn’t have time for the fire whispering to her, the ghosts trying to talk to her and the son of her boss, who can’t stop staring at her.  She definitely doesn’t have time for love, even less for dangerous love. You see there is, and always has been, something rotten in Harrisville. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. 

After all, Veronica works in the cigarette factory, where corpses hide in the tobacco.

About the Author: 

Lexy is the Author of the Limerent novel universe.  The first two books in this universe were Caio and Bright Midnights. They are two of the three foundation books of the Limerent Series, and as such can be read in any order. 

Bright Midnights was picked as an Editor’s Choice by Booklife and received a Golden Wizard award in the UK in the category of YA.  

Lexy has also been a travel writer and author of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Hong Kong and An Expat Mom’s Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Paris. She is an ex rock musician, ex science grad, recovering attorney and now an expat writer.  Her love of writing stems from an eclectic life.  As a navy brat, she grew up in various states across the U.S. until her father retired to North Carolina when she was a teenager.   

As an adult, she has continued this tumbleweed life, having since lived in 3 countries, 9 US States, and 21 cities around the world. But, through all this change, her love of writing has been the one constant. Writing the Limerent Series allows her to use her unusual past to help create new worlds.  

Lexy now lives in Paris with her husband and two very cool sons.  
“Writing fiction gives you a place where you can put all the attractions that you probably shouldn’t feel, all the thoughts you are afraid of saying out loud, and all the rage that you can’t vent because you would kill people.  While we live, these moments stay with us, but when we die, they die too. When you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, you put these things out there in the world where they can be read by others.  This means that they have a life outside of you and outside of your own head, and that’s something that is really compelling to me. I like the idea that these amazing moments that I’ve had in life don’t disappear when I disappear.”  - LS Delorme 
“For me, writing is like therapy…just cheaper.  As most writers are not really individuals but a collection of individuals trying to find a way to live together in one brain, fiction allows them to make a home for all these people who live rent free inside their heads.  It’s also place that you can capture unique moments in life that impact you or that make you feel deeply.”  - LS Delorme