Roxanne is, hands down, the best at what she does. She goes above and beyond to provide incredible value to the author for professional promotion services. Roxanne understands what authors need in today's market and works her tail off to make a dream blog tour happen. Booking Bewitching Book Tours is the best money I ever spent on promotion. 
~Laura Bickle (aka Alayna Williams)
Author of The Hallowed Ones, The Outside, Embers
, Sparks, and Dark Alchemy

The highest possible recommendation for Bewitching Book Tours! I have done two release tours with Roxanne Rhoads and her team, and both have been terrific experiences. Roxanne is so efficient and thoughtful, and does so much behind-the-scenes work to make it easy and simple for authors to reach their marketing goals. Bewitching has consistently exceeded my expectations, and I would encourage any author to partner with them without reservation! So many thanks to Roxanne and to all of the bloggers that took part for two fabulous tours. I will definitely be back with my next book release! ~Anise Eden

"Bewitching Book Tours provided a wonderful blog tour. From start to finish, Roxanne was on top of things, and her bloggers were right on schedule with posting reviews and promoting my work on social media. I really could not be more pleased. I will definitely use Bewitching Book Tours again."
~ Julie Doherty  Author of Scent of the Soul

Bewitching Book Tours simply rocks your socks off! Professional, timely and specific, I was impressed from the start with how hands on Roxanne was and the level of service she provided. Having been a professional in the public relations industry for 20 years before writing full time, I can safely say Bewitching Book Tours was hands down the best money I spent for promoting my paranormal romance.
~Theresa Meyers
Author of The Truth About Vampires, The Legend Chronicles

I highly recommend Bewitching Book Tours. Roxanne did an awesome job putting together two separate week long tours for me. I received a quick response from her shortly after I booked the tours. She filled spots on blogs, sent me interview questions, and coordinated giveaways. She kept me informed on the dates and locations of my blog postings and advertised for me on twitter and Facebook.  I greatly appreciated her promptness, excellent communication, and the time she spent putting all the blog postings, covers, and links to the hosts. Roxanne really knows how to help an author promote her work.
~Mary Abshire Author of The Soul Catcher series 

I cannot recommend Rox enough. She communicated with me constantly, got me blog interviews, reviews, guest blogs, radio interviews, reminded me when anything was due or being broadcast or published, and always promptly returned emails. I'll gladly use her services on my next novel. 
~Rob Tobin
Screenwriter and Novelist, Author of God Wars Living with Angels

"I have used Bewitching Tours twice before, and I would certainly use them again. The quick and easy promotion, professionalism and standard set by Bewitching Tours sets them apart from many of the other services online. Through using them, I have gained a lot of exposure, new followers to my site and maximised my novel sales. I can't wait to use them for my next novel."
~Fiona Dodwell Author of The Banishing

What’s not to like about Bewitching Blog Tours? It gives you the opportunity to chat about your book, let’s you hold fun giveaways, allows your readers to know you better through interviews, and it’s all organized for you. Can’t get much better than that!
~Kindle Bestselling Author, Stacey Kennedy

I've been incredibly impressed with Bewitching Book Tours in general and specifically my tour for Vampire Dreams. For the price, I've gotten tremendous promotion and the efforts have been very professional. The resulting sales in just three weeks that the book has been available bear out the point better than I can express it. I'm so thankful I went with Bewitching Book Tours for Vampire Dreams. Thank you so much!
~Gabrielle Bisset author of Vampire Dreams"

It was a blast going on a Bewitching Blog Tour. I got to meet some amazing people and was introduced to some fantastic blog sites. I would definitely make a Bewitching Blog Tour part of my marketing strategy."
~Michael Lee author of My Frankenstein

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all of the hard work you put into BBT!! I belong to numerous book tours and yours is by FAR (very far) the best to work with!! You are organized, get the books to us in time to read, and have great open communication!! So I just wanted to say thanks and that it is very much appreciated!!

-~ Melissa Rheinlander
Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's

I have used Bewitching for two month long blog tours and plan on using their services again. All the details of my tours were handled professionally and promptly. My media package went out to tour hosts in a timely manner, while interview questions and article requests were sent to me well in advance. Roxanne was easy to work with, from scheduling to promoting, she does a fantastic job. Anytime I contacted her, she got back to me right away.  I have recommended Bewitching to several of my author friends and will continue to do so. 
~ Chris Karlsen author of Heroes Live Forever, Journey in Time, and Golden Chariot

The tour was excellent and my sales curve was straight UP!
~ Margot Berwin Author of Scent of Darkness

I heard about Bewitching Blog Tours from my publisher, Vinspire Publishing. They were highly recommended as efficient and reputable, which I found to be completely true!

The entire experience with Bewitching Blog Tours was fun and easy: Roxanne Rhoads responded to my tour request immediately and spelled out exactly what to do! After telling me how to prepare ( book cover, author bio., links, blog posts, etc.) Roxanne went one further by sending me a list of creative subjects to write about with regard to my blog posts. She made the whole tour exciting and fun, and her placement of my contributions was immediate and thorough, teeming me with sites I may have otherwise never been made aware. All praise for Bewitching Blog Tour!  I'll be back with my next book!
~Claire Fullerton author, "A Portal in Time", "Dancing to an Irish Reel."

I greatly appreciate all of your assistance, patience and guidance through my Vranthian Vampire tours.  The traffic to my web site and my social media activity has more than tripled since my first tour.  My sales have skyrocketed!  The professionalism of each blog host and their dynamic sponsorship has brought my name recognition ten-fold and I couldn't be happier.  I will definitely be continuing to use your services for my future virtual book tours.

Thank you so very much! 
~K.A. M'Lady

I had the privilege of booking a blog tour through Bewitching Tours for my debut novel. Roxanne works very fast and gives you everything you need to be successful with the tour. Everything went as scheduled and almost all the host blogs posted as promised.  The tour offered several levels of exposure for my book, from spotlight features to author interviews to a couple of book reviews. Overall, I was very happy with how organized everything was and with the access the tour granted me and my book to potential new readers. Thanks for an awesome experience!
~C.S. Kendall

Bewitching Book Tours is very efficiently run by Roxanne Rhoads, assisted by a very capable staff. They always promote fascinating books for different reading tastes in the PNR and urban fantasy genres. They also promote books in other genres, too, such as fantasy and science fiction as well as contemporary romance.

I have been a tour host with Bewitching for several years now, and am impressed by how well-organized they are, keeping tour hosts "in the loop" at all times.

I LOVE Bewitching Book Tours! I not only love hosting for them, but also greatly enjoy reading their blog tour posts on other blogs, as well as participating in their giveaways!!

Maria Behar ~ A Night's Dream of Books

"Wow! Roxanne and Bewitching Book Tours is definitely an awesome and valuable resource to have as an author! I had such a good time with my first book tour and will absolutely be booking more with Roxanne in the future too! Roxanne was extremely organized, responsive, and knowledgeable which was very helpful and made things that much smoother and easier on the book tour! Thanks Roxanne and look forward to more book tours soon! :)" - M.C. Solaris, paranormal romance author of Calypso's Heart (Orion's Order Series)