Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now Scheduling Book Tour for Mythic By Jae Lynne Davies

Now scheduling a one week book tour blitz for Mythic by Jae Lynne Davies.

We are setting up interviews, reviews and giveaways for the week of April 18.

If you would like to set up a tour stop please email me.

Book Description:

Gianna Marino is a human/vampire hybrid who is fueled by her thirst for vengeance for the murder of her family, and has little tolerance for distractions. While at a constant war with the two halves of herself, in a world in which she doesn’t belong, and tormented by a past that she hardly remembers, she vows to punish Mattias Vitale—the vampire responsible.

But during her infiltration of his coven, posing as a human with the desire to be turned, her game of seduction with Mattias creates a burning and mutual desire, when Nicholas Sutton—a dark and handsome stranger, intrudes on their play, threatening to expose her with an agenda of his own. One man is sexy and dangerous, the other is powerful and deadly. Both are vampires that want nothing more than to ravish her senseless, claiming her for themselves in a bond of body and blood, while she longs to kill one and bed—them both.

But when Gianna discovers a secret that blurs the lines between good and evil, forever changing the course of her existence, destiny will soon determine on which side she'll stand.

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