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Tour Now in Progress Echoes and Illusions by Mila Ramos

Echoes & Illusions Book Description:
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A curious invitation mystifies acclaimed movie critic Moira Castle. In an industry where word of mouth is reality, Moira comes back home to the unexpected. Memories surge as an old movie reel and theater owner Toren McCann hold answers that have lain quiet for far too long.
The Seventh Legend
Some stories are based on legend, some on rumor. Some stories are real. For a young woman her childhood book has something more than imagined. The book contains the story of a real hero facing an unimaginable evil that’s been after since she was a child.
The Watchers
In a world where duty and honor are binding and crucial Selene, a Coven Enforcer, has to choose between the life she knows and the life she yearns. On a dark and stormy night Selene learns that some rules are meant to be broken, even immortal ones.
Smoke & Mirrors
Dr. Ana Fiore has earned her reputation “Dr. Ice” by her solid work and rigid personality. Sent to a conference for determination of Chief of Staff, she is snowed in with rival and colleague Dr. Dakota Hastings. Face-to-face with Dakota, she learns she isn’t the only expert at illusion. Saturday April 2 Guest Blog and Giveaway Fang-tastic Books
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All about Mila
Mila was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At an early age she learned the valuable secrets books contained. It all started with the Lois Duncan book, “A Gift of Magic.” Mysterious worlds, far away places helped nourish different ideas and concepts of the real world. It was through this that she discovered a whole new realm of depth.
The books ranged, and as they did so did her love for different types. Starting with William Shakespeare, Mila went through all the literary bests; William Blake, Joseph Conrad, Anais Nin, Leo Tolstoy, Ayn Rand, Maya Angelou, Victor Hugo. Until one day she read a book that changed her life, her first true romance book where characters were real, came to life, and could be the person next door. From there the world expanded from Nora Roberts, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, and beyond. With these authors, her writing took a new turn to role group playing and writing in the paranormal scene. Through this, the stories had more vivid ideas and better yet were actually getting heard.
She currently working on her doctorate in Organic Chemistry and resides in Texas, with her husband, family, friends. Her favorite genres are: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Erotica and anything her mind concocts. Crazy and silly as the ideas she sometimes has, her heart is as true as gold and hopes her readers enjoy the stories she writes as much as she loves to write them.
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