Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dark Passages Now Available as an Audio Book

Cover for audio version, DARK PASSAGES: Tristan & Karen

Discover the world of the Brethren vampires --

in audio.


Tristan & Karen

is now available in downloadable audiobook, performed by acclaimed voice actor Chris Patton.

For a limited time, it's on sale for only $9.99 -- a $20 savings off the $29.99 list price!

New York Times best-selling author Sharon Sala calls
DARK PASSAGES: Tristan & Karen "an amazing read! With a hero like this,
the bite -- and everything that comes with it -- is worth the blood."
In DARK PASSAGES: Tristan & Karen, Tristan Morin is a vampire on a misson:
to not fall in love with Karen Pierce. To do so would prove that humans and
Brethren were meant to be physically and emotionally bound to each other -- something he,
as a full-blooded Brethren, refuses to believe. It would be so much easier if Karen wasn't beautiful. And if there wasn't something about her that draws him like a moth to a flame,
damn near impossible to resist.
Buy DARK PASSAGES: Tristan & Karen in audiobook here.
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DARK PASSAGES: Tristan & Karen
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