Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sending Pdf Files to Your Kindle

So I finally figured out how to do something wonderful today!

I figured out how to send a pdf to my Kindle and have it converted so it can be easily read in Kindle format.

I've been hooking my Kindle up to my computer and adding pdfs but the text is usually too small to read and when you enlarge the page it screws up the margins and page view making reading no longer an easy and effortless entertainment.

Well today I dug around on Amazon until I found out what to do.

Here's what you have to do to be able to send a pdf to your Kindle:

First log in to your Amazon account where your Kindle is registered

Then go to "Manage Your Kindle"

Go to "Personal Document Settings"

Go down to "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" and add your email to your approved email list- this is the email you'll be sending the pdf from

Now you can send a pdf or other document ot be converted into a Kindle readable format by sending an email to Kindle's e-mail address. (if you don't know your address to your Kindle you need to set it up by going to "Manage Your Devices")

be sure to put "convert" in the subject line

Amazon will then transfer the file(s) wirelessly in a Kindle-compatible format to the related device for a fee.

To avoid a fee, or if you're not in wireless range, you can e-mail your document to [your Kindle name name]@free.kindle.com for free delivery via wi-fi or download the files via USB.

I sent pdfs files (one per email) using the free.kindle.com address and my files were sent within minutes to my Kindle and are now are so easy to read.

This is great, now I can easily add all of my pdf books to my Kindle for easy reading.


Theresa said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for the tip! I sure could use this info.

Anonymous said...

thanks! that was helpful

Laurie-J said...

It works great...I've being doing it since I got my kindle last year. Also, I set my max charge at $.00 on my Amazon "manage Kindle" page. That way I won't accidently send something for conversion that is huge and costs money. Also, I just send the PDF file to my normal kindle email address...if the file is large Amazon automatically reassigns it to the "Free" Kindle address.

Unknown said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

Audra said...

thank you for the great info

Tina B said...

Awesome!! Thanks, Roxanne! :)

Lisa ~ Moon Shine Art Spot said...

My kindle app has it's own email & all I have to
Do is send the attached PDF to that email &
It works!!

Monique Morgan said...
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Monique Morgan said...

Brilliant! You just opened a whole new world for me:)

Roxanne Rhoads said...

awesome, glad I could help