Monday, August 29, 2011

Now Scheduling a 1 Week Tour for Obsessed by Fiona Dodwell

I am now scheduling a 1 week tour for the Obsessed by Fiona Dodwell.

The tour will got from October 10- 17

I am scheduling guest blogs, interviews and reviews. I have a pdf on hand for reviewers.

If you would like to take part in this tour please send me your:

blog name and url

type of stop you wish to host

2 suggested dates you have open during the tour

and let me know if you would like to review


by Fiona Dodwell

eBook ISBN: 9781615724864
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Supernatural
Novel of 63000 words
Sex rating: 1
Violence rating: 1
Edited by Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Cover Artwork by Dawné Dominique
Print ISBN: 9781615724871


James Barker thinks he has it all, until one fateful morning he witnesses a gruesome suicide.

Haunted by the death, James seeks therapy for post-traumatic stress. Finding that the answers he seeks don’t lie in the therapist's office, James embarks on a journey.

Who was this man, and why did he kill himself?

Now haunted by visions of the dead man in his home and in his nightmares, James begins to wonder if he is losing his mind. Surely the dead can’t return?

As his obsession spirals out of control, James uncovers the terrifying truth of the stranger who died at his own hands.

Soon he realises that his life may be in danger – as well as the lives of those he loves.

Author Bio:

Fiona Dodwell lives in the UK with her husband, and works part-time for a care charity. Her passion for dark fiction started when she was a child, and she was raised on a steady diet of horror novels and movies which inspired her to create dark works of her own. She has written several short novels, stories and poems over recent years, and taken part in many fiction contests. Her debut novel - The Banishing - was released in March 2011, and her second novel, Obsessed, was released in September. She is currently working hard on her third.


Unknown said...

I'd love to host this one.

Carabosse's Library

I could do Oct.10 or 13. I'd want to review the book only.



Roxanne Rhoads said...

Valentina I couldn't find your email anywhere- email me at to set up a stop for Fionna's tour

LizzieBeth said...

I couldn't find an email either, and I think I might have done things wrong. I clicked on the Become a Bewitching Books Tour Host and filled the form out, but I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to.

But anyhow, here's my info:

Blog Name and URL: Lissette E. Manning -

I put no, since I've never actually hosted an online book tour, but I was a sponsor for the Whirlwind Social Media Tour that was hosted by Emlyn Chand and Terri G. Long.

I'd like to partake of the tour. Not really picky, so whatever you'd like me to host on my blog, I'd gladly do so. But if you need to specify, then I'm willing to host guest blogs, interviews, or reviews.

I am also willing to review the book, as well.

Two suggested dates open for me would be: Oct. 11 and Oct. 13, if possible.

My Email Address:

Roxanne Rhoads said...

To contact me for specific tours you can choose the contact link up top or the little envelope in the wibiya bar