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Now On Tour Holding Onto Heaven by Keta Diablo

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Holding On To Heaven
By Keta Diablo

Genre: historical erotic romance set during the Civil War

When the blazing fires of revolt ravage the countryside, Lauren and Sage McCain are trapped amid the flames of destiny. The Civil War has crumbled a Nation, and the Dakota Sioux uprising has turned southern Minnesota into a violent battlefield. Holding on to Heaven is a story of love between two men and a woman, love between siblings, and love that crosses all boundaries and forges all cultures.

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About Keta Diablo

Keta lives in the Midwest portion of the country on six acres of beautiful woodland. Here, she communes with nature; eagles, owls and loons (the winged version). There's a lovely environmental lake on her property named after a famous Native American chief, and the locals insist burial grounds from 150 years ago exist in her woods. Hmm. Maybe it's not always the wind she hears howling at night.

When Keta isn't writing she loves to read and garden and spends far too much time at the local animal shelter trying to wrangle a way to adopt them all. Two years ago she adopted Emma LaPounce, a mid-life feline who was in crisis when her long-time owners moved out of town, took their furniture but left her behind. Go figure! Hours before Emma was to journey to the other world, Keta adopted her, and now she runs the entire darn house.

You can find her sitting outside in the summer months with her muse plotting her next book.

Keta writes erotic romance and gay fiction for multi-publishers (too many). You can find out more about Keta and her books at her website. Sign up for her monthly newsletter to be eligible to win books she gives away every month. Also go toKeta's Keep and follow her on Twitter.

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