Friday, December 16, 2011

Now Scheduling a 1 Week Tour for Evil Ambulance

I am now scheduling a 1 week tour for Evil Ambulance by Mark Rinker

This tour will run January 30- Feb 6

I am scheduling reviews, promo stops, interviews and some guest blogs

I have a pdf available for reviewers.

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A suggested date you have open during the tour

the type of stop you wish to host

Also let me know if you wish to review

Evil Ambulance
By Mark Rinker

Genre: Paranormal YA


Eighteen-year-old Eric Donnelly moved to a small town in Pennsylvania, to live with his uncle, Dan, while his parents finalize their divorce.

Dan has recently purchased an old house which sits atop a three-mile hill overlooking the town of Riverwood; a house which is host to the decades-old presence of Victor Devlin, a homicidal ambulance driver responsible for a series of brutal murders years before.

Eric soon finds himself alone, as the spirit of the ambulance driver begins to inhabit his uncle’s body, and each night Devlin’s ambulance appears in the driveway, eerily glowing, calling to Eric.

Author Bio

Mark R. Rinker was born in California, but has spent most of his life in eastern Pennsylvania. His short story, “Dog Mask” was published earlier this year by Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine, and Evil Ambulance is his first novel.

twitter @markrrinker

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