Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now scheduling a Release day Blitz tour for Intuition by Jayne Fordham now scheduling a 1 day Release day Blitz tour for Intuition by Jayne Fordham

I am now scheduling a 1 day Release day Blitz tour for Intuition by Jayne Fordham

This tour will run March 23

I am scheduling guest blogs, interviews, promo stops, and reviews for the day

A pdf, mobi, or epub version of the book are available for reviewers

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

the type of stop you wish to host

And let me know if you'd like to review


by Jayne Fordham


Olive Morgan is not your typical psychologist. She can also access the memories of anyone she comes into contact with.

After an explosion in a Sydney shopping mall, Olive is enlisted alongside a team of 'Elite' consultants. She joins Canan Jones who can attune to the emotions of other people, including Olive. Initially, she distrusts the agency, but when another explosion threatens more lives Olive has no choice but to use her skill to prevent another disaster.

Is terrorism really at play or is the agency hiding the real reason behind these attacks?

Olive wants to solve the case, but her personal life is suffering. Despite having a boyfriend, she feels a connection brewing with Canan, who has an uncanny way of making her feel calm when life becomes overwhelming...

Intuition is a tale of supernatural suspense and the first book in the Elite Series.

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Lulu (paperback available April 2012)

About the author:

Jayne Fordham resides in Sydney where she works as a psychologist and freelance writer while working on another novel. Jayne has also authored the YA fantasy novel, A Season Of Transformation.

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