Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Vampire Book Realm

The Vampire Realm is looking for authors!

Do you write vampire books? How about vampire romance? Or maybe horror is your thing? Whatever the vampire genre- The Vampire Book Realm wants you!

The Vampire Book Realm is a new website designed to help readers who love vampires to find the perfect book. Whether they are looking for fun vampire themed gifts or trying to find a great new vampire book, The Vampire Book Realm is where they'll be searching!

If you're an author who writes about vampires, whether you write romance, horror, or even if your vampires are only secondary characters, The Vampire Book Realm is the perfect place to get the word out about your books!

E-mail to find out more, 
or visit The Vampire Book Realm Today !

For Readers

Are Vampires are your thing? Does the thought of a vampire lover send chills up your spine? Do you love to read about vampires? 

Having trouble finding enough books about vampires to sate your appetite for vampire books? Then you're in luck! 

There is a new website- The Vampire Book Realm that caters to both the readers and authors of vampire books

The Vampire Book Realm has everything from horror 
to erotic vampire romance, and everything in between.

For the love of books…with a little bite.

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