Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Now scheduling a one month tour for The Last Arakad by by Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G”

Now scheduling a one month tour for The Last Arakad by by Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G”

This tour will start June 15 and go through July 13

I am scheduling interviews, guest blogs, promo stops and reviews

No Sundays or Mondays

pdf and Kindle PRC review copies available

Tour wide and tour host giveaways are available

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A suggested date you have open during the tour

the type of stop you wish to host

And whether or not you'd like to review

Guest blog topics are below if you'd like to choose one

Guest Blogs Available:

Magic and Creativity
Mysterious Paris
The Alchemy of Emotions
The Power of Symbols 
The Secret Language of Symbols
The Mystery of Archetypes
Are You Magical?
Villains We Love to Hate
Do You Believe in Destiny?
Music and Writing
Adventures with Ancient Stones

by Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G”

Do you believe in destiny?

When sensitive Maya moves with her brother Thomas from Los Angeles to Paris hoping for a better life, she has no idea that everything is about to dramatically change. 

What starts as an initiation into the age-old Arakad magical tradition takes an unexpected turn when a wave of brutal murders shatters her world. Caught up in an ancient prophecy, she finds herself at the center of a ruthless battle between good and evil in which humanity’s future is at stake. 

When all hope is lost and she becomes the final target of a sinister clan, will Maya learn to trust herself and her own power? Or will her own fears prevail?


Born in Africa (Sénégal), raised in Paris, France, and currently living in Los Angeles, California, Guillaume Wolf “Prof G.” embodies the spirit of the 21st Century “global village.” 

Guillaume has spent decades exploring the transformative power of symbols, archetypes, and creativity (and their relationship with the everyday world); and this passion inspires his writing. 

Guillaume’s background includes among others: creative director; branding consultant; and teacher of communication design at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

He is the author of reDESIGN: reCREATE, a book about reinvention and creativity. The Last Arakad is his first novel.

Guillaume lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles, California.

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