Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spotlight on Bandit Creek Books: Twice Shy

Twice Shy 
Bandit Creek Erotic Romance
June 1, 2012

Leaving Bandit Creek was the best thing Stacy Jones ever did. Returning was the last thing she ever wanted to do.

Stace ran away at 16, eight years ago. She now has a stable life with people that love and care for her. Except there's one important piece missing - the truth behind her identity.

To solve this mystery, she must go back to Bandit Creek and confront the one person who has the answers. Mary Jones, her mother.

She's hoping to get in and out of dodge without running into the guy that stomped the crap out of her heart. Because Stacy doesn't know which one will require the most courage. Finding the truth or facing her first love.

About the Author - Jill Christie

Jill has always loved writing and reading. And she has always been curious about sex.

When she was young, she would try to discover things about sex by trying to find the naughty bits in the books she was reading.

Exasperated that Nancy Drew didn't do anything with Ned Nickerson, she moved onto more adult fare. And was confused as all the sex scenes were behind closed doors. Or worse, the prose was filled with euphemisms that didn't make any sense (especially when you didn't have intimate knowledge of the equipment involved).

Besides Jilly Cooper, she was pretty unsuccessful at finding out (from books) how sex really worked.

Many, many years later she discovered the joys of erotic fiction. She had all ready figured out how sex worked by then, but enjoyed the variety of situations and positions, not to mention the numerous perspectives.

Then she started writing it. Her world has never been the same since.

'Twice Shy' is Jill Christie's first published work. Check out her website. Or you can follow her (slightly) less prurient alter ego, Jill C Flanagan on twitter (@JillCFlanagan).

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