Monday, July 30, 2012

In case you missed the twitter party

ok winners of the  twitter party are  &  I need your mailing addresses to send goodies
Thanks everyone! Signing off now - back to writing! Please DM or tweet me anytime!  
In case you want a full book list:  and. Sequels for both to follow & Sci-Fi in Dec too!
Thanks Bewitching Book Tours for helping me meet and chat about my books today! 
 Thanks! I'm excited to see what readers think! I used  for some inspiration!! 
 YAY Medusa indeed! And Hades will follow next year - though you'll get your copy earlier :) 
Writing is an adventure - one I'm very lucky to experience. But FIRST - I'm a reader! And I like GOOD books!! 
Im trying something totally new in December - a SciFi Romance with
No matter what genre I'm writing in, I like it to be as real/authentic as possible. The readers deserve the very best! 
With my other book, Medusa A Love Story - it took about 8 months = Research.  
But I'm glad I made the change! The book is so much stronger! And the characters - more evolved. Re-writes can be GOOD!
I admit, I had a major rewrite in the middle of  so that added a little time. 
 I'm pretty fast - about 6 months. Sometimes less - if I'm really 'into' the story! Great question! 
Josh and Claire will be back but we'll have a new couple to carry on the Hollywood love stories! 
I loved this book so much (so did my publisher) that Book 2 will be out in December! YAY!  
And I'm posting snippets from my latest release, HollywoodEverAfter. Does anyone have any questions before we sign off?
We're wrapping up our chat - talking about book heroes and favorite books. 
 Does anyone know what Claire's gift is? What that message is inscribed on? 
'Follow your heart. May it guide you home and bring you back to me. Always yours - Josh' Claire's gift 
'My heart was racing under his warm palm. He must be able to feel that.' Claire and Josh  
So I admit  is emotional too! 'I love you, and your leaving is tearing a hole in my heart.' Josh to Claire 
 I know how that feels - when a book is so connected to you! It's a special kind of magic! 
But beyond the sexy goodness of a book I like emotion - heart, you know? 
Josh was staring at my leg..; His eyes traveled slowly up, from my toes, along my calf...  

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