Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Now scheduling a one week tour for Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle

Now scheduling a one week tour for Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle

This tour will run July 22-26 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling guest blogs, interviews, reviews and spotlight stops

pdf available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Type of stop you wish to host

Please let me know if you wish to review

Norse Jewel
Gina Conkle

Genre: Historical/Viking Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC

Date of Publication: June 10, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-62266-223-4

Number of pages: 262
Word Count: 70,000

Cover Artist: Liz Pelletire

Book Description:

A stolen woman of rare qualities…

AD 1022…Helena longs for freedom. The Frankish maid wasn’t born a slave but marauding Danes have taken her. She’s desperate to escape their camp. Her savior comes as a fierce Norse chieftain, Hakan, who takes her to the far, icy north.
A powerful warrior who’s lived by the sword…

Hakan wants to lay down his sword and live a peaceful farmer’s life. Betrayal has left him cold to other women, yet his heart thaws to clever Helena. Her tender ways lure him, weaving kindness into his hard life. But, happiness is short lived. Old loyalties and deceit vex the warrior, calling upon his sword arm.

A clash of cultures amidst a kingdom in transition…

War erupts…a kingdom’s in the balance. Can Hakan defend his homeland and keep the woman he loves?

About the Author:

Gina’s a lover of history, books and romance, which makes the perfect recipe for historical romance writer.  Her passion for castles and old places (the older and moldier the better!) means interesting family vacations.  Good thing her husband and two sons share similar passions, except for romance…that’s where she gets the eye roll.  When not visiting fascinating places, she can be found in southern California delving into the latest adventures of organic gardening and serving as chief taxi driver.

Website & Blog & Newsletter Sign Up: http://www.ginaconkle.com

Twitter: @ginaconkle

FB: Gina Conkle, Writer http://on.fb.me/109UTcM

Pinterest: Gina Conkle http://bit.ly/180l9gv

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