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Now on Tour Converging Fates by Jonathan Cortez

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Converging Fates
Reagent Universe, Book 1
Jonathan Cortez 

Genre: Science-Fiction

Publisher: Fresh Publishing

Date of Publication: 03 June 2013

ISBN: 9780957606814
ASIN: 0957606818

Number of pages: 376 p
Word Count: 133,750 words

Cover Artist: Jen Detchon

Book Description:

Deep in the remote Undervalley, a scientist is creating a portal that will link two universes. 

Never mind the damage his research does. A taskforce of elves and humans must hunt him down before he destroys their universe. 

The elves hold the key, Mahavir, a human abducted from the other universe. He is the link between universes, and his death may prevent a disaster. 

But Mahavir has no intention sacrificing himself for others.

About the Author:

Jonathan Cortez is a graduate of Penn State Behren, with an Associate of Arts degree.

He was an avid reader and writer from a young age, but even before that his story-telling and world-building skills blossomed while playing with Lego. He largely developed his writing craft on his own.

Jonathan is a big fan of science-fiction and fantasy, although he only started reading the genres during high school. When not reading or writing, he enjoys watching TV and listening to heavy metal.

He is currently still studying at Penn State. He is also working on the sequel to Converging Fates.


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