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Now on Tour Sexy Men of Mystery by Jessica Frost

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Covet Thy Neighbor
Sexy Men of Mystery  
Book Two
Jessica Frost

Genre: Erotic M/M Paranormal Romantic Suspense, vampires, light consensual BDSM, whipping, paddling

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Date of Publication: April 15th, 2013

ISBN: 1627401180
E-book ISBN: 978-1-62242-889-2

Number of pages: 103
Word Count: 31 700

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Print: Amazon   BN

e-book:  Bookstrand  Amazon

BN  KOBO  Sony

Book Description:

Detective Nicola Dupré is back at work after a six-month sick leave, but he’s still haunted by his sister’s tragic death. When Captain Moore gives him an unofficial undercover assignment to befriend the sexy, charming Nero Thorn, the erotic writer Nicola idolizes, he quickly accepts. He thinks it’s an easy job until he gets to know the mysterious BDSM author. Overwhelming emotions he can’t explain draw him ever closer to Nero.

Nero Thorn’s a recluse and he likes it that way. When he literally bumps into his shy, handsome new neighbor, Nicola Dupré, sparks fly. He’s drawn to Nicola like a moth to a fire and he quickly falls in love. But he has a dark, dangerous secret he’s kept hidden from the world for years. If Nicola ever finds out who he really is, he’ll run away in fear.

There’s a serial killer out there, and the murder of his sixth victim was written in Nero’s last novel before it ever happened. There’s a connection between Nero, the sixth victim, and the killer, and Nicola has to figure it out before the killer strikes again.

To Serve and Protect
Sexy Men of Mystery
Book One
Jessica Frost

Genre: Erotic MM Paranormal Romantic Suspense, vampires, light consensual BDSM, whipping

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Date of Publication: January 4th, 2013

ISBN: 1627401180
E-book ISBN: 978-1-62242-355-2

Number of pages: 84
Word Count: 25 727

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Print: Amazon   BN

E-book: Bookstrand   Amazon  Amazon. uk

BN  KOBO  Sony

Book Description:

When Detective Jacob Brown arrives at the scene of a massacre, he sees a mysterious man escaping. One victim’s still alive. It’s Vincent Brewster, Jacob’s ex-lover who dumped him months ago, breaking his heart and then disappearing.

Later at the hospital, when Vincent sees the handsome detective, he thinks it’s love at first sight. Although Vincent can’t remember who he is, he’s sexually attracted to Jacob.

While Vincent wants to get closer to him, Jacob wants to run away.

But the killer’s still loose. Jacob must protect Vincent and help him get his memory back. This means he has to remind him of their past, including the bondage sex they enjoyed. He vows to do whatever it takes to get Vincent to remember. When his and Vincent’s feelings of love resurface, it’s hard to resist Vincent’s seduction.

What they don’t know is Vincent and the serial killer now have a connection—a supernatural one. And the killer’s coming for him. Can Jacob protect Vincent and help him get his memory back before the killer finds him?

About the Author:

Jessica Frost has always had a passion for fiction and the written word. Add to that her wild, vivid imagination and her pure romantic tendencies and she soon realized she had the traits needed to become a romance author. She decided to take the very big first step not that long ago and wrote her first erotic romance story. And she has not looked back since.

Being a romance writer is a dream come true for her. Having the opportunity to create fantasy worlds where anything and everything can happen is an amazing feeling. She hopes these worlds and the delightful characters she creates will bring hours of enjoyment to her readers as they have done for her.

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