Monday, November 11, 2013

The November Issue of Bewitching Book Tours is now available

Download it free at: 

In This Issue: 10 Tips On How to Be a Better Writer, The Importance of World Building, Writing Sex, Do You Believe in Magic, Vampires in Fiction and Folklore, Author Interviews, Featured Excerpts, Pin Up Files, a Review of the 2013 Michigan Witches Ball, True Tales of Paranormal Encounters, La Mamma Verde Green Living Advice for Christmas, Muse It Up Publishing Call for Submissions, A Sleigh Ride Home- sweet holiday flash fiction, the Timeless Keepsakes Anthology, and the Unraveled Collection 

Featured Authors: The Keeper Series by O.L. Ramos , Ann Gimpel, Maria Hammarblad, author Jacqueline Paige , David-Matthew Barnes, Dr. Braxton Cosby, Meredith Mansfield, Maria Violante Brad LaMar, J.E. Taylor, Lisa Llamrei , Lana Axe, Susan J McLeod , Kenya Carlton, and Wenona Napolitano

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