Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Now scheduling a two day blitz for the soundtrack to the Portal Chronicles by Imogen Rose by the band SHE SAID SAVE ME

Now scheduling a two day blitz for the soundtrack to the Portal Chronicles by Imogen Rose

This blitz will be Feb 14 and 15

I am scheduling spotlights with giveaways 

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About a year ago, when Imogen Rose, the author of the cult bestseller, the Portal Chronicles, was surfing You Tube she stumbled upon a song, If We Fall, and instantly fell in love with both the lyrics and the male vocal. She put it on her writing playlist and looked up the band (She Said Save Me) on Facebook… and liked their page. A while later, she received a PM from Joe Vercillo, saying that if her books were ever adapted for film or TV to feel free to use his music. She had no idea who he was, but looked him up. Imagine her fan girl sqee moment when she discovered that he was the lead singer for She Said Save Me! They have been Facebook friends ever since.

The Portal Chronicles starts off with a serendipitous meeting in a London pub, which rockets the lives of the characters into a time warp of what-ifs. During the prologue, which is the key to the story, Rupert is humming a song in the London pub where Olivia and him seal their fates. Imogen Rose always wondered what he was singing. Now she knows. She wrote the lyrics and She Said Save Me has put it to music, and is releasing it under their label. Needless to say, both parties are uber excited about this collaboration.

 The song will be released on Valentine’s Day and will be available as a free download.

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Unknown said...

Can't wait! Joe Vercillo from "She Said Save Me" is a very talented guy. Super nice too!! Def one of my role models.