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Now on Tour At Death It Begins and In Death's Touch by Elle Jefferson

Feb 24- March 3

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At Death It Begins
Book One
Elle Jefferson

Genre: Paranormal romance

ISBN: 9781484877098

Number of pages: 418
Word Count: 98,184

Cover Artist: Krysa Designs

Book Description:

Lendyn Hughes' grandmother has kept a secret from her for over thirty-one years, who Lendyn's parents are. A devastating break-up following her grandmother's death leaves Lendyn alone, confused and determined to find answers. Armed with only a name Lendyn attempts to unfurl the branches of her family tree never guessing it would put her life in danger.

For over two hundred years Englishman Callum Scott lived a life surrounded by beauty. A life free from all those annoying human emotions. That is until the American showed up. Lendyn flipped his world upside down and put him in the worst sort of jeopardy. He's starting to feel things and a murderer can't afford to feel.

Book Trailer

In Death's Touch
Book Two
Elle Jefferson

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Number of pages: 400

Cover Artist: Krysa Designs

Book Description:

Lendyn Hughes had everything she wanted. A family that welcomed her with open arms and a man who loved her as-is. So what if they were all vampires, love picked you not the other way round. Besides she was half vampire herself.

One brief encounter. One wrong decision took it all away.

Now Lendyn is trying to remember what in the world she’s exactly doing in London, why she’s back with her ex, where she got the bruises covering her ribs from and who the taunting voice in her head is.

I’m sorry. Two words Callum never hated more. They were the two words he’d found on the Dear John note in Lendyn’s room. With one breath she declared her love and in the next breath she left him. Now his future looks bleak without Lendyn to color the way.

About the Author:

Elle Jefferson lives up in northern Arizona with her two beautiful sons, wonderful husband and her German Shepard Dorrie. When she's not reading or writing she's painting or enjoying the great outdoors.

She is currently working on her follow-up to At Death it Begins, In Death's Shadow.


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