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Now on Tour Baltic Mist by Jennifer Lohr

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Baltic Mist  
A Timeless Saga
Jennifer Lohr

Genre:  Cultural Heritage, Legends, Mythology

Publisher:  An Ancient Approach

ISBN: 978-0-61593-442-6
ASIN: 0615934420

Number of pages:  113
Word Count: 27,452

Cover Artist: Jennifer Lohr

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Book Description: 

Baltic Mist - A Timeless Saga is Jen Lohr's next big creation.

It all began when she came across Egil’s Saga, written in the mid11th century, chronicling the life of Egil Skallagrimsson. The history surrounding the Viking awakened within Jen an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of the Norse culture. A story was soon born, seen through the eyes of a young woman named Helga, originating from a character in Egil's Saga.

Baltic Mist begins on a farm Norway, and takes the reader through the epic adventures of Helga's enchanting life. Beginning in Book One, her tale falls against the backdrop of Scandinavia's conversion to Christianity.  The saga continues in Books two and three to a finale that no one, even Helga herself, could have ever imagined!

A must read!

About the Author:

Jen was first published when she was a sophomore in High School, and has been writing short stories ever since. The Baltic Mist series is her fictional novel debut. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and their four children.

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