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Now on Tour The Lake Of Shadows by M.E. Yildirim

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The Lake Of Shadows
Chastity Point Series
M.E. Yildirim

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Number of pages: 383
Word Count: 111651

Cover Artist: Gözdem Perrichet

Book Description:

Keegan Callaghan knows the taste of loss. Fate has severely tried him; first by taking away his parents when he was but a child, then destiny didn't spare him the heartache of losing the woman he loved, when she fell victim to vicious killers who were after him.

He is a man, but not human.

At least that's not all there is to him.

There is a savage side to his nature, a werewolf like creature that most would attribute with folklore or a myth. Troubled by his own animalistic tendencies he has a hard time accepting and haunted by vicious memories, he decides to leave his home in Ireland and move to the US, where his mother was from.

But the quiet town of Chastity Point, Connecticut is not what it seems.

Jade Thorton is trying to lead the life she always dreamed of having. She owns a bakery, has friends, and a loyal dog, which seems to be fully satisfying after the traumatic experience of her childhood that casts a long shadow on her whole life.

The last thing she expects is to find herself thrown back into the past by the events taking part in the small town when blood is being spilled in rural Chastity Point.

The fascination she feels for the mysterious man with eyes full of painful secrets could be her chance for happiness, or her final downfall…

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About the Author:

M.E. Yildirim is a Public Relations specialist from Poland who is confident Satan himself created math and that the world needs more bookworms to balance the evil out. Her mother is the one who had inculcated in her respect and love for written stories and taught her not to judge a book by its cover. She lives with head full of voices which won't be silenced until she lets them out to live and spin their tales on paper. That's right-their tales, since they seem to have a mind and will of their own. Walking through life to the beat of her own drum, she has worked in a PR Agency, small companies, a big consortium and even in the Military. But none of it could ever compare to the adventures of creating and building up her characters and stories. M.E. believes that books are for smoothing out everyone's feathers and reminding people all the things they've already forgotten. She is happily married, oftentimes engaging her husband in her writing, with or without his consent. Tenacious as much as the characters she creates, she loves challenges, letting her own creations to take advantage of that fact.

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