Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 2014 Issue Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

Author Interviews, Excerpts, Recipes and so much more fill this month's issue of Bewitching Book Tours Magazine.

Kirsten Weiss tells us about her 5 Favorite Vampy Heroines, John Swan talks about his top ten favorite characters in fantasy fiction, Kay Dee Royal shares a little about Paranormal Worlds and Secret Societies, Lee Roland talks about Rules for Magical Worlds and Barbara Bretton discusses Post-World War II America: How We Lived and Loved.

Lots of advice for authors this month: Read the feature interview with Leonie Rogers and her article about Becoming A Published Author, Alex Manea discusses How Self-Publishing is Keeping Reading Alive and What You Can Do To Help, and Morgan Kelley touches on Why She's an Indie Author

The holiday season is almost underway, La Mamma Verde, Wenona Napolitano, explains how to have a waste free and green Christmas.

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