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Now scheduling a one day blitz forCherry Blossom by Sotia Lazu

Now scheduling a one day blitz forCherry Blossom by Sotia Lazu

This blitz will be December 29

I am scheduling reviews and spotlight stops

pdf, epub and mobi available for reviewers 

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Cherry Blossom
Vampire Cherry
Book II
Sotia Lazu

Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Acelette Press
Date of Publication: 18 December 2014

ISBN: 978-0692291986

Number of pages: 228
Word Count: 59,120

Cover Artist: Sotia Lazu

Book Description:

With her murderous maker still on the run, Cherry has enough on her mind even before her newly turned boyfriend, Alex, demands they meet each other's parents. Constantine, her ex and now member of the vampire council, is suspiciously quick to allow this breach of vampire law. It soon becomes clear there's a lot Cherry doesn't know about her family's past.

And it's threatening her present and her future.

Alex is changing, Ádísa is dead but not as gone as she should be, and feelings forced aside are reconsidered. Back in her hometown, and faced with an overabundance of new information, Cherry is determined to fight for herself, her family, and her man.

That's when her world is turned upside down.


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About the Author:

Sotia’s making do with Greek reality, while writing and mostly thinking in English.

She loves romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her favorite characters to write are not conventional hero-material at first glance, and she enjoys making them fight for their happiness.

Sotia shares her life and living quarters with her husband, their son, and two rescue dogs, one of which may be part-pony. Sappy movies make her bawl like a baby, and she wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world.

Also, she hates mornings!


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