Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now scheduling a one week tour for The Violet Hour by Andrea L Wells

Now scheduling a one week tour for The Violet Hour by Andrea L Wells

This tour will be May 11-18 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling interviews and spotlight stops

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please include the type of stop you wish to host

The Violet Hour
The Violet Hour Series 
Book One
Andrea L Wells

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Date of Publication: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781495805868

Number of pages: 309
Word Count: 70,000 

Cover Artist: Pixel Mischief Design

Book Description:

Still shocked over her mother’s mysterious death, California socialite Logan Keller is handed a one-way ticket to her long lost roots in Wyoming where love, deceit and danger await. Though she could forget everything staring into Luke Callahan’s eyes, Logan is quickly thrust into a fight for survival.  Taking fate into her own hands, she begins unraveling the dangerous deceptions that abound at every turn. Her father is keeping secrets and Luke is keeping more. But Logan is keeping the biggest secret of them all.

The Violet Hour is a page-turning captivating twist of young romance and the supernatural.


For a moment, I felt like I was on a plane taking off.  My ears plugged up, then began popping while my breaths were low and quick as if the oxygen supply was diminishing.  I felt light-headed, but not like I was going to pass out.  It was as if my senses were paralyzing me, trapping me in my own skin.  All I could do was sit there and continue to watch my father’s lips move but unable to hear his words.  My thoughts echoed the word, “…werewolf.” 

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About the Author:

The Violet Hour Series has been begging to escape Andrea’s subconscious for more than five years.  Focusing on a wonderful career, handsome husband and two beautiful children by day, she began feverishly penning the series by night.  Now a full-time writer, Andrea debuts The Violet Hour.

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