Monday, October 19, 2015

Bewitching Radio Shows, Facebook Party and New Magazine Issue

Join us to celebrate the release of Dragon Song by Tara West- live party on Facebook from 12-2pm EST October 20.

Book Description:

Duncan MacQuoid, dragon-slayer, is no more. In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins. One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation. Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.

Fiona Firesblood, dragon-shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond with her mate, Duncan MacQuoid, the one man she loves above all others, and the one man whose past could destroy them all.

Safina Firesblood, daughter of a cursed union between dragon and dragon-slayer, has grown into a young woman, a powerful dragon princess in her own right. When she’s given one chance at true love, will she risk the dragon queen’s wrath or resign herself to an eternity of sorrow?

Meet Abigail Owen, the author of the Svatura series, live on Bewitching radio October 22 at 1:30 PM EST 

Discover who the ladies of the Svatura series are and how Abigail created them.

Learn what makes Abigail's paranormal series a must-read and where she discovers her ideas.

How did she decide to link each heroine with a flower and how does she like living in California?

Join us for laughs, insight, and the inside scoop.

Meet Willow Danes, the Amazon Best Selling Author of the Warriors of Hir Series live on Bewitching Radio October 27 at 1:30 PM EST

Join our conversation as we discuss the three books in the Warriors of Hir series.

How did Willow Danes choose her covers? What music inspired her? Where did she conjour the idea for such an exciting series?

Join our conversation. You know it will be exciting!

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine is back with a Halloween Horror Issue full of Bewitching spotlights, excerpts, reviews, recipes, and Halloween fun. Learn how to make Halloween a little more “green”. Read about the connection between vampires and Halloween…and read Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

We have special features from Booktrope’s Forsaken Horror Line and ARe's Wicked Tales.

Author features include: How Horror Stories Saved A Lonely Kid with Michael J Bowler, Learn The Story Behind the Story- the Kitsune with Maureen O. Betita, Read about Humor in Horror with Merry Freer, Raven Familiars with Laura Bickle, and Cooking for Paranormals: It’s Bloody Hard Business with Suzanne Johnson, Mina Khan, and Megan Hart.

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