Friday, October 23, 2015

Now scheduling a Release Day Blitz for When She Comes Undone by Vanessa Gray

Now scheduling a Release Day Blitz for When She Comes Undone by Vanessa Gray

This blitz will be November 30

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When She Comes Undone
Vanessa Gray

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publication Date: November 30, 2015

Book Description:

Chloe Dawson learned early that life wasn’t easy. If it were, her parents never would have split up, leaving her to deal with the fallout at eight years old. If it were, her mother’s vice wouldn’t have driven a wedge between them. Though she comes to face trials most people only confront in their nightmares, she realizes she can’t wake up from her life. Instead, she looks her problems in the eye, afraid yet standing her ground.

But even the strongest need rescuing …

Just when she feels her head dipping below the surface, Caleb Holt appears in her life. Unlike Chloe, he’s run far from his past, into the arms of an uncertain future. At the request of a dying man, he decides to stop running and fulfill a promise—one which forbids him from interacting with Chloe and forces him to remain her secret benefactor.

Keeping out of sight, he watches with his eyes, but soon discovers that his heart has been just as vigilant. Aggressive is his middle name, but his bond keeps him silent at a distance. When she needs help, he reaches out of hiding to touch her life, only to step back before she can see him.

However opportunity presents itself, and he finds he can’t resist answering its call. What will happen when the barrier between them drops and he’s finally allowed to touch where once he could only look?

What will happen when Chloe accepts an offer that no one in her desperate position would refuse, even when it pushes her boundaries?

What will happen when she comes undone?

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