Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Review of Grammarly

After hearing so much about the services, Grammarly offers I had to try them.

And I'm in love. Easy to use and highly accurate, I will use this from now on as a proofreader for my work. I think it would work best as a first draft editor, to catch the simple things. Then as a final line editor to catch any of the little things that might have been changed or messed up during thorough editing like a verb tense, punctuation in the wrong place

What a great way for authors to self-edit. It is like having another set of eyes to pick up on pesky things you might never notice. 

Spelling errors, grammar errors, punctuation, style, sentence structure...  Grammarly offers Proofreading Tools,  Grammar Checker and Plagiarism Checker with their paid plans.

Will it replace a good editor for your book? No. 

You still need a good editor to work with you on story develop, arc, characters, etc. and to really do deep edits.

But if you want a quick way to check your basic writing skills before sending it off, use it. 

If you need a final go through to catch any technical errors- by all means it is a great tool to have.

It worked great for me as I have a habit of sticking in useless words. It points those out and offers alternatives or just deletion. It also points out passive voice use. Nice. Many authors need that kick to point out little things like that.

Is it 100% accurate? I really don't know. I doubt it. But I'd say 95% is pretty good. It picks up on ten times more than just running the check through Microsoft word.

Bottom line, I think this is a great resource for Indie Authors who have a limited budget. 

I have read through a lot of self-published books that this simple service could have improved upon.

This is a sponsored review.

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