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Now On Tour Blood Royal by Lloyd A. Meeker

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Blood Royal
Legacy of Albessind
Book One
Lloyd A. Meeker

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 26, 2015

Print ISBN 978-1-5092-0606-3
Digital ISBN 978-1-5092-0607-0

Number of pages: 333
Word Count: 85k
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Book Description:

Struggling artist Eva Milaras is in the midst of buying groceries when a bomb blast tears the store apart. A handsome man with mysterious powers saves her life and stuffs her into a limo without a steering wheel—while treating her like royalty. Caught in a deadly web of magic and murder, Eva faces an aristocratic destiny she didn’t know about and doesn't want. Now in a strange world she has to survive the deadly schemes of her new-found relatives as they maneuver for advantage in a murderous royal court.

Talak has loved Eva long before he saved her life, but that love is doomed. She must marry a man from a royal bloodline, and Talak is duty-bound to protect her until she marries—regardless of his torn heart. Together they battle intrigue and betrayal, only to discover they must choose between letting go of each other...or certain death for treason. A choice Eva refuses to make.

ARe     Amazon    BN

“Blood Royal is a thrilling book with twists and turns that the reader may not see coming. Mr. Meeker has cleverly built a world that has specific rules 
and populated it with well-drawn characters who interact in good and evil ways…I could not put this book down and read it almost non-stop 
because it was so thrilling.” 

About the Author:

Lloyd A. Meeker credits Walter de la Mare’s “The Listeners” as the first poem to steal both his heart and his imagination. That was in seventh grade, and he’s never been the same since. At university he devoured Lord of the Rings in a single weekend. Then came Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. Fantasy became his home turf.

He’s led what can only be described as an eventful life, and he’s grateful for all of it. He’s been a minister, a pilot, a janitor, a drinker, a cancer survivor, and a software developer on his way to becoming a writer. His work includes five novels, two books of poetry, a few essays, and several short stories.

He’s happily entangled in a life-long love affair with metaphor and the potent mystery of the Hero’s Journey, especially in its metaphysical and psychological aspects. He lives in southern Florida among friends and family with his husband, working on his next novel, practicing subtle energy healing, reading, wallowing in classical music and celebrating a very active retirement.

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