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Now On Tour Nancy’s Curse: The Complete Trilogy by C.A.Bell

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Nancy’s Curse
The Complete Trilogy

Genre: Paranormal, erotic romance.

Publisher: C.A.Bell

Date of Publication: May 9th 2016

ISBN: 10: 153317945X
ISBN: 13: 978-1533179456

Number of pages: 138
Word Count: 29,960

Cover Artist: C.A.Bell

Book Description:

Sometimes white magic can turn dark. Even with the best intentions.
When Angelica, a white witch, placed a protective curse over her granddaughter, Nancy, in a bid to keep her safe from society and her own powers until she was old enough to understand, she had no idea of the consequences.

On the 31st of October, a grown up Nancy holds her annual Halloween party. Only this year she strays away from her traditional festivities that include her famous Halloween punch, and dancing to the Monster Mash, and opts for a spookier night. With the help of her friends, Nancy will be holding a séance with her new Ouija board. But little does she know that the protective curse her grandmother secretly cast over twenty-seven years ago is lifted that very night. 

A spirit is summoned and Nancy begins a journey of sexual desire and love that she will never forget.

Was this summoning pure coincidence, magic, or something else? Only time will tell.

Lies, secrets, covens, dark forces, and nightmares lie just around the corner for Nancy. But at the end of it all, will she be able to help the man she has fallen for and fulfil his wish of putting his wandering soul to rest? And will there be a price?
Will true love conquer or be taken?

Nancy is about to find out.

Available in eBook
Amazon UK     Amazon US     Smashwords

Available in Paperback
Amazon UK     Amazon US     CreateSpace

About the Author:

C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she married and made a home.

She is author to numerous erotic fiction stories, including, The Architect, Sex, Lies, and Sinful Wives, The Shame Train, and many more.

As well as putting together her own collections of erotic shorts and naughty poetry, she is also a contributor to many anthologies and online magazines.

Currently she is working on a number of projects which include a novel she started some time ago, book two of The Architect, and running her new website dedicated to erotica readers and writers, Bell, Book and Erotica.

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