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Now scheduling a one week tour for the Daemon Persuasion Series by S. K. Gregory

Now scheduling a one week tour for the Daemon Persuasion Series by S. K. Gregory

This tour will be June 27- July 4 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling guest blogs, interviews, reviews and spotlight stops

pdfs available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

Your blog name and url

Type of stop you wish to host

A couple suggested dates during the tour

Please let me know if you wish to review

Join the Inner Daemons Facebook Event July 2nd and 3rd

Daemon Persuasion
Daemon Persuasion Series
Book 1
S. K. Gregory

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Mockingbird Lane Press and SKGregory.

Date of Publication: Jan 2013

ISBN: 978-0985690632

Number of pages: 222 pages
Word Count: 46k

Cover Artist: Jamie Johnson

Book Description:

When Mackenzie Murphy goes looking for her father she finds herself caught in the middle of a demon war between three rival families. Still trying to master her own demon abilities, who can she trust to help her? The mysterious Lucien? Or Taryn, the son of the enemy? With all three families hunting for a talisman that could shift the balance of power, Mackenzie must get to it first and finish what her father started, or die trying.

Daemon Madness
Daemon Persuasion Series
Book 2
S. K. Gregory

Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

Publisher: Mockingbird Lane Press

Date of Publication:  Oct 26th 2015

ISBN: 978-1944169220

Number of pages: 206
Word Count: 46,000

Cover Artist: Jamie Johnson

Book Description:

Mackenzie Murphy thought her demon troubles were behind her, but with Taryn as her new roommate and his father still out to kill him, it seems there's no getting away from them.

When Taryn begins to act erratically, Mackenzie discovers that he has to face the consequences for saving her life. Deadly consequences.

So it's up to Mackenzie to save him, while avoiding the attention of a local cop and her homicidal boss.

Maybe demons are the least of her worries.

 Daemon Battle, Book 3 will be available to pre-order July 2

To Be Released in September 2016.

About the Author:

S. K. Gregory was born in Northern Ireland in 1985. She is the author of several series of books including the Daemon Persuasion series, which was published by Mockingbird Lane Press. Her latest novel is Hell Hath No Fury: Queen of Hell Book 1.

She loves horror movies, reading and archery. When she isn’t writing, she helps authors through her website by supplying reviews and promotion. All of her works are available to purchase through Amazon.

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