Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Mating Season is Coming- Alien Fae Mate by Misty Kayn

Alien Fae Mate
Misty Kayn

Genre: Sci Fi Erotic Romance


He won’t risk losing her. She’ll risk everything to have him.

Rain maintains the science projects that allow the Fae to walk on the iron-cored earth, but she can’t figure out what her Fae boss wants. She’s tried blonde, brunette, C-cup and D, slutty heels and flats. Nothing works. But with the Fae mating season coming up, she’s pulling out all the stops.

Titan has explored the galaxy—and found the one woman he can never have. Rain is perfection, but he won’t risk losing her in a mating ritual that could kill her. 

Except her stepped-up steaminess is making his palms sweat, and his grip on his control is slipping…

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