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Now On Tour Pocket Full of Tinder by Jill Archer

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Pocket Full of Tinder
Noon Onyx 
Book Four
Jill Archer

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Black Willow, LLC 

Date of Publication: December 15, 2016

ISBN (ebook) – 978-0-9979138-0-4
ISBN (print) – 978-0-9979138-1-1

Word Count: 90,000

Cover Artist:  Rebecca Frank

Book Description:

Noon Onyx is back! In this long-awaited fourth installment, Jill Archer returns readers to the dangerous world of Halja, where demons, angels, and humans coexist in an uneasy state of d├ętente.

Maegester-in-Training Noon Onyx feels like she’s done it all – mastered fiery magic, become an adept fighter, learned the law, killed countless demons, and survived having her heart broken by both love and an arrow, but now she’ll face her greatest challenge yet…

Far to the north lies an outpost famous for its unrest – Rockthorn Gorge. The town’s patron has specifically requested Noon’s help. Her assignment? Help the neophyte demon lord build his fiefdom and keep what’s his. The problem? Lord Aristos – Noon’s new employer – is her erstwhile lover, Ari Carmine, the aforementioned heartbreaker. And the number one thing he wants is her.

When Rockthorn Gorge’s viaduct is destroyed by Displodo, an enigmatic bomber, killing a dozen settlers and wounding scores more, Noon sets off early to aid in the search and rescue. Ari is listed among the missing and the suspects are legion. But Noon’s search is just the beginning. Her journey forces Noon to confront not only those she loves, but also enemies hell-bent on destroying them.

Pre-Order Links:
Amazon | iTunes | Kobo
Book will also be available on Nook and CreateSpace on or about the release date.

About the Author:

Jill Archer writes dark, genre-bending fantasy from rural Maryland. Her novels include Dark Light of DayFiery Edge of SteelWhite Heart of Justice, and Pocket Full of Tinder. She loves cats, coffee, books, movies, day tripping, and outdoor adventuring.

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