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Now On Tour The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway

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The Tulip Garden
Sarah Mathilde Callaway

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Publisher: Reedsy

Publication date: 02/04/17

About The Book:

After receiving an urgent letter from their aging grandmother, Arianna and her cousins, Angelica and Anastasia, return to the Contini estate in the lush countryside near Florence where they spent their childhood summers. Arianna is engaged to a London banker who has put a ring on her finger but doesn’t give her the happiness she desires. When Arianna arrives in Tuscany she rediscovers herself and her forgotten passion for the land. She also encounters true love with Lorenzo, a man who lives his life intensely without worrying about the future.

Lorenzo, a simple farmer working the Contini land, soon finds out that Arianna is Armando Contini’s granddaughter. Their relationship is marred by this discovery and shortly afterwards Lorenzo decides to go to Ireland to take over a run-down farm. The tulip garden becomes Arianna’s refuge. She understands that true love has no bounds and can overcome any obstacle.

The second novel in the Contini Cousins trilogy, ‘Le Rose di Shakespeare’ (Shakespeare’s Roses) will be published in summer 2017, set in Sarah’s city of Verona.

About the Author

Sarah Mathilde Callaway lives in fair Verona, the city perhaps best known for inspiring the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Sarah spends her days taking care of the Lamberti Tower in Verona, the iconic 12th century monument that overlooks the northern Italian city and is the third most visited attraction (after Juliet’s House and the Verona Arena). And she spends her evenings immersed in her passion for writing.

Her love of storytelling and writing began at the age of just 13, when she would draft her own versions of English, Russian and French literature on an old typewriter. She has a degree in writing and, in Italy, is affectionately known as the ‘Writer in the City of Love’.

Sarah adores writing romance, pen in hand and heart afire, while watching the wind ruffling the treetops surrounded by people living out their own love stories in the city that inspired the world’s greatest ever love story.

Sarah is in an unusual position: she is one of very few Italian indie authors to have her book, The Tulip Garden, translated into English and released internationally. She has also written historical and contemporary novels in Italian – so there are plenty more novels ready for translation! Sarah is a member of EWWA (European Writing Women Association) and a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America).

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