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Now On Tour Ahe’ey by Jamie Le Fay

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Ange’el Series
Book One
Jamie Le Fay

Genre: Epic Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: Book Release Date: 8th March 2017

ISBN-10: 0646969188
ISBN-13: 978-0646969183

Number of pages: 625 paperback
Word Count: 155190

Cover Artist: Milan Jovanovic

Tagline: Morgan’s feminist books didn’t prepare her to deal with the dashing Gabriel and the land of Ahe’ey

Book Description:

"A thoughtful look at empowerment for women."

"A rollicking trip into a fantasy world complete with dragons, love and strength, and ideas that really get you thinking."

"Highly recommended for all ages."

Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover. She is a feisty, slightly preachy, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities. Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination. Sounds like a dream, but it may, in fact, turn into a nightmare.

The world of the Ahe'ey challenges and subverts her views about gender, genes, and nature versus nurture.

The strong and uninvited chemistry between her and the dashing Gabriel makes matters even more complicated. His stunning looks keep short-circuiting her rational mind.

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"A bracing mix of emotionally and intellectually honest fantasy." - Kirkus Reviews

"This book is a thoughtful look at empowerment for women. At the same time, it’s a rollicking trip into a fantasy world complete with dragons, love and strength, and ideas that really get you thinking. This book is highly recommended for all ages." - HUGEOrange

"They're flawed, real, and honest characters that can be easily related to. Ahe'ey is the kind of novel society needs to read, to create inspiration and to make people think. Ahe'ey is daring, complex, and honest. A must-read novel that tackles heavy and real topics with a mix of serious and humorous, charm and tragedy." - Reader's Favorite - 5 Star Review

"Ahe’ey contains a richly imagined world that raises complicated and timely questions about our own.

Jamie Le Fay’s Ahe’ey is an action-packed love story that puts forth a nuanced vision of gender stereotypes, body politics, and the dark side of seeking perfection." - Foreword Clarion - 4 Star Review

About the Author:

Jamie is an accomplished writer and speaker that focuses mainly on topics related to girlhood, feminism, gender equality, and the misrepresentation of minorities in media and marketing.

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