Monday, July 10, 2017

Now On Tour Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition By S. Diane Barry

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Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition
My Journey Fighting HIV with Whole Food Nutrition, Herbs and Spices
By S. Diane Barry

Book Description:

I was diagnosed with HIV in January 2005.

Over twelve years later, I’m healthy and doing well.

I don’t have AIDS. My numbers are great.

I did this without prescription medications.


By fighting HIV with whole food nutrition, herbs, spices, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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About the Author:

It's 2017 and 12 years after my HIV diagnosis I am still healthy and on no prescription meds for HIV.

I wrote Fighting Disease with Whole Food Nutrition to start a discussion about healthy choices that save lives. Because no one seems to care about that. Not the doctors or specialists, or anyone I tried to contact to expand on why I am so healthy despite being HIV positive.

The answer is food. Real food. Not processed, microwaved, filled with preservatives and chemically created vitamins food. Real, whole, fresh food.

You are what you eat. Eat healthy to be healthy.


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