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Now On Tour Guardian Unforgiven by Nollen Bradley

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Guardian Unforgiven
Book One
Nollen Bradley

Genre: Werewolf Erotic Thriller

Date of Publication: 7-05-2017

ASIN:  9781521565940

Number of pages: 241
Word Count: 81,290

Cover Artist: Nollen Bradley

Book Description:

Family secrets are hard to hide, sometimes they claw their way out.

The werewolf, most believe to be folklore or legend. For centuries, the existence of werewolves were kept secret and guarded by a warrior class of lycan descended from a fierce ancient line known as the Guardians. These Guardians, sworn to uphold the peace between the wolf and humans. But, some werewolves not satisfied with living in secrecy start lashing out, hunting and killing all with the ancient gene to push humanity into extinction.

Now, only a few descendants are left with the cursed bloodline, some don’t even know they have it…   

Amazon Print     Amazon Kindle       Smashwords       24 Symbols     BN

About the Author:

Nollen Bradley is a pen name for Bradley Noll an American author residing near Leavenworth Kansas. The married, father of two grown children is new to the published author scene even though he has been writing song lyrics, poems and short stories all of his life.

Brad grew up on a farm outside of Winchester Kansas learning the value of hard work. Following college, Brad spent twelve years as a Paramedic until his second back surgery ending his successful career where he received several letters of commendation.

Brad spent time farming in his off days feeling the everyday pressures of the weather, markets and juggling the debt that is associated with large business. Brad also spent several years as an amateur Rodeo Clown (Bullfighter) working several local rodeos in the IPRA circuit. All the while, continuing to write songs and preform at local venues. Following a music CD he produced named “Make Believe” with eleven of his original songs and while in the process of producing his second Album he realized his talent was more suited for writing then music.

Brad takes the experience from the sweat stinging his eyes from the heat on a hot July day in Kansas. The heartache from having to tell a parent or a child that their loved one has died and there was nothing he could do, to the struggles of trying to pursue a dream and watching it crumble in front of him.

Brad has developed a style that draws on real life experiences to provided exciting yet believable story lines that captivate readers. Writing unbelievable tales with the realism of the struggles from everyday life in the painful cookie cutter suburban age. 

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