Monday, October 2, 2017

Now On Tour The Divine Heart by Danielle R. Mani

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The Divine Heart
Danielle R. Mani

Genre: YA Paranormal

Publisher: Crooked Cat Publishing

Date of Publication: September 27, 2017

Number of pages: 180
Word Count: 58,000

Tagline: Elle spent her life waiting for someone else to die…

Book Description: 

Seventeen-year-old Elle Collins spent most her life waiting for someone else to die…

When a heart donor is found, Elle awakes from surgery gifted with more than just a new heart—clairaudient messages and spiritual apparitions haunt her until she is convinced that she must be insane. Either that, or her donor is sending a message.

Desperate for answers the medical community can’t provide, Elle’s divination leads her to the family of her donor—a young girl named, Cas. With the help of her best friend, Rob—the guy who’s a testament that her new heart is capable of love, Elle must make sense of the clues Cas is sending.

As pieces of Cas’s life and death emerge, Elle will discover that she and Cas share more than just a heart.
About the Author:

Danielle R. Mani is a fan of the paranormal in both print and film. In her first book, The Divine One, Ms. Mani combines supernatural fiction with the everyday dramas of young adulthood. Her newest YA paranormal novel, The Divine Heart, is scheduled to be released later this year. Ms. Mani holds a Bachelor of Arts in education and a Master of Science in communications. She is currently a doctoral student studying parapsychology. She resides in Westchester, New York, with her husband, four children, two dogs, and two rescue cats.

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