Friday, November 10, 2017

Free Book Friday November 10 - She Speaks to Angels by Ami Blackwelder

Friday November 10 
Grab Your Free Kindle Copy of 
She Speaks to Angels by Ami Blackwelder 

She Speaks to Angels
AngelFire Chronicles 
Book 1
Ami Blackwelder

YA Manhattan Urban Angel Suspense

If you enjoyed Wicked Lovely, Twilight, Hush Hush, Unearthly, you will enjoy this. 

Ali Maney is a typical high school teenager. Nothing special ever happens to her. As a student at Millennium High in Manhattan, sure, a few weird things have happened, a few suicides over the years, but nothing really bizarre. 

Until one day, in English class, when a hugely popular football player, Tyler, suddenly pitches himself off the roof to his death. Ali and her two best friends, Molly and Jen, are positive that Tyler’s death was not intentional. As they investigate, the bad boy in town starts to notice Ali. Daemon is gorgeous! Ali is shocked, but amazed. What could he want with her? 

As she ponders this, three new students arrive. Kian, Krysta, and Nathaniel all seem to have something…..different about them. Ali is floored when Kian appears more than interested in her too. What is she to do with two gorgeous guys after her? 

But not everything is as it seems. As Ali gets closer to each Daemon and Kian, the forces of the supernatural will come closer as well. One has been sent to protect, one has been sent to kill. Can Ali be saved? Or is she in way over her pretty little head? Enjoy this first book in the YA Manhattan Urban Angel Suspense.

*A Night Owl Review Top Pick! 4.5/5 stars!* 

What I found was a beautiful novel that, although it is quite dark in many spots, tells the story of a young girl who is torn between the powers of good and evil and trying to protect her heart and those she cares about. I am quite eager to read Falling Angels.

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