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Exclusive Excerpt: Savage Winds by Michelle C Reilly

Exclusive Excerpt SAVAGE WINDS

The Savage Times Trilogy, Book One

Michelle C Reilly

Ana strode forward, trying hard to shut out the weight of the captain’s scrutiny. She extended her hand across the table to the black-haired man. “Hello,” she said. “I’m Ana Salvatore.”
The man gaped and then cleared his throat. “Strasford,” the man said in a deep voice as he gently grasped her hand. “Robert Strasford, Master Gunner.”
“Very nice to meet you, Robert.” The man’s eyes widened, and she realized her blunder. “Right. Mr. Strasford.”
Stupid old fashioned ways.
Jacen circled around her and pulled out her chair. She sent a quick glance over her shoulder and then sat. He returned to his seat to her left, and the others took their seats. There was an odd moment of silence and Ana—never one to let an embarrassing situation go to waste—took in each of the men and waggled her eyebrows. “Did I miss something, or were you all talking about a subject my poor little ears couldn’t handle before I came in?”
MacPhee’s unshaven jaw dropped open, and his neck metamorphosed into the hue of a ripe pomegranate.
Ana speared a piece of meat from a platter in front of her and deposited it onto her plate. Then she grabbed a roll. It was still warm, and she bit into it while staring at one man after another. Each of them studied their dinner plates. “Oh, come on. It can’t be that bad.” Danny quietly poured wine into the crystal glass in front of her.
Jacen’s regard flashed upward. “It’s nothing for you to concern yourself with.”
Ana tilted her head. “Oh, I see. What’s it going to be, then? You guys are all going to skirt around issues because I’m a female, are you? I can bet you just about any amount I’ve heard it all before.”
Robert spooned mashed potatoes into his mouth at a rapid rate. MacPhee fiddled with his napkin. Ana thought it a waste he bothered with one considering his filthy hands…
“So,” she said, as she cut another piece of beef. “I figure tomorrow is going to be a busy day in my office. It being three days since we’ve left port, which is the incubation period for gonorrhea.”

Robert choked on his food and grappled for his drink, while MacPhee wheezed in a breath and sat up straight, staring straight ahead. Jacen’s fist, held tight around his fork, slammed onto the table, and he stared hard at her.

Savage Winds
Savage Winds
Book One
Michelle C Reilly

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 28, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5092-1938-4
ISBN: 978-1-5092-1937-7

Number of pages: 426
Word Count: 109,365

Cover Artist: Kristian Norris

Tagline: War, Pirates, Nor The Savage Winds of Time Will Keep Them Apart

Book Description:

Ana Salvatore, a marine biologist, wants nothing more than to have an independent life free of her mobster family. While on an excursion in the Bermuda Triangle with her uncle, his boat explodes, and she wakes to find herself in the arms of gorgeous Captain Jacen Stirling on an ancient ship. It's like a fairytale, until he tells her the year is 1814.

Jacen is on a secret mission for General Andrew Jackson to infiltrate the infamous privateer Jean Lafitte’s encampment to determine his loyalties. When he discovers Ana while on his way to meet Lafitte, he can’t decide if she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, or the best.

As the Battle of New Orleans draws nearer, can Jacen and Ana work together to help their country beat the invaders? Or will the British, the war, or the savage winds of time keep them apart?

About the Author:

Michelle C. Reilly is a single mom of two wonderful boys. She spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman Preventive Medicine Technician, which meant she was actually attached to or stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps. She has a Masters in Science in Public Health, but she is generally an IT geek and a nerd of many other things as well. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her two cats, Meowdy and Moose, and her labradoodle, Sophie.

She’s self-published the Anathergians Saga, science-fiction/paranormal romance and suspense stories that revolve around a powerful alien species who landed on Earth over five thousand years ago. SAVAGE WINDS, her venture into time romance, was picked up by The Wild Rose Press.

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