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Call of the Wolf
Dark Blood Trilogy
Book One
R Murray

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Date of Publication: 30/1/2018


Number of pages: 182
Word Count: 47250

Cover Artist: LKO Designs

Book Description:

Emilie and Melaina are the only two immortal witches that have been chosen by the Lamia to take the gift of eternal life. Two sisters, but two very different souls. One wields magic so dark and evil that even the devil himself fears her. The other holds the purest of magic with a darkness buried deep within.

When Emilie is set amongst the wolves to find out the latest game they play she finds herself swept away by the magic of the youngest wolf Maccon.

But Emilie holds her own dark secret, one so enormous, it threatens to destroy all that the Lamia have protected for centuries. A secret that could bring a new rule over all of the Forsaken. A secret that if discovered would bring forth the ultimate war between nature’s monsters.

Will Emilie answer the call of the wolf or will the White Witch be consumed by the darkness threatening her world?

Loyalties will be tested. Blood will be shed. Bonds will be formed as the war for immortality becomes its deadliest yet.

Amazon US      Amazon UK      Amazon AU

The Wings of Faith
The Dark Blood Trilogy
Book Two
R Murray

Genre: Paranormal fantasy

Date of Publication: 27/2/2018

ASIN: B07929215J

Number of pages: 172
Word Count: 45157

Cover Artist: LKO Designs

Book Description:

For a century Samantha has not known her true purpose. She knows she possess the gift of Immortality, that she is both a vampire and a witch, but she knows nothing else of her fate and her future. Believing her parents are dead she has learnt to survive alone except for the loyal companionship of the white wolf Randi, whom she saved from near death, and the eagle shifter Talon.

When news of the discovery of such power that it could change the world of the Forsaken comes, Samantha finds herself the most hunted immortal amongst her kind.

With no choice but to put her faith in those that surround her, Samantha must learn to control the power within that she has held dormant her entire life.

With her past coming back to haunt her, and the truth of her parentage coming to light Samantha must learn to trust the new vampire King of France and accept his alliance as he moves the players into place for the impending war amongst the Forsaken.

New alliances will be formed as the vampire – witch soon learns that faith is the most powerful weapon when you are the prize in a deadly game.

Amazon US      Amazon UK      Amazon AU

Queen of the Forsaken
Dark Blood Trilogy
Book Three
R Murray

Genre: paranormal fantasy

Date of Publication: 27/3/2018

ASIN: B079276PNB

Word Count: 50149

Cover Artist: LKO Designs

Book Description:

With the rise of the Vampire lord Aleron, long thought dead at the hands of his brother, the game of immortality plays its deadliest hand yet.

As the plot thickens and players take their place to defend the rightful Queen of the Forsaken, the vampires of the Lamia build their own army to keep a hold of what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Samantha must put aside her emotions at the discovery that both her parents live and allow them to help her to channel her powers, the likes of which have never been seen amongst the monsters of nature.

As the Queen becomes more powerful and accepts her place at the head of Forsaken the war reaches its epic conclusion in a bloody battle between Shifters, Wolves, Witches and Vampires.

Those that survive must pick their side. Will they stand before their new Queen or will they be consumed by her deadly power?

The gift of immortality is Queen Samantha’s to give, but only to those who are worthy.

Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon AU

About the Author :

Rebecca is a London born self-confessed book addict now living on the shore of Auckland city.

Having spent most of her childhood and teen years dreaming up fanfictions based on her favourite TV shows, she has now decided to actually write her musings down.

A huge fan of anything fantasy and paranormal her writing style can be found to reflect these made up worlds. The love of creating a reality away from reality is the thrill she finds every time she sits down to pen the latest scene in her books.

When she is not writing you can find her at her day job supervising dogs of all shapes and sizes at a dog day care in Auckland. A few of them actually being the inspiration behind some of the wolves in her paranormal series, due to epic characters.

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