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Now On Tour Rebirth by A.J. Wharton

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Birds of Change
Book 1
A.J. Wharton

Genre: Urban fantasy

Publisher: Angela Wharton       

Date of Publication: April 15th 2018

ISBN: 978-1732067806

Number of pages: 387
Word Count: 97,336

Tagline: What’s your talent?
Book Description:

In a world divided between those who are talented and those who aren’t, Vici is a city governed by an egotistical Praetor driven by his hatred for the gifted individuals—the Tallents—who he considers a plague. Tallents are forced into the shadows, for fear that they will be caught and executed.

An explosion rocks the city to its very foundation; the sole survivor a young woman with no memories of her past. Her only tie to her previous life is a silver necklace with the name Asylia inscribed. Risen from the ashes, she pieces herself together while taking control of her emerging fire talent. She must be careful; one mistake and she will end up like all the other Tallents who have faced the Praetor’s wrath.

Harbored by a mysterious group called Revival, the young woman discovers that the people of Vici are disappearing at an alarming rate. Together with her new friends, she must rally against the Praetor’s tyranny, racing to free the city in hopes that she isn’t too late to bring peace to this world in turmoil. 

About the Author:

Angela lives in the small capital of Delaware. An avid gamer and superhero fan, she spends most of her free time playing video games. With her work, she travels for hours at a time and that’s where she discovered her love for audiobooks. Angela would get wrapped up in the story, and the fantasy that came alive all around her made the miles fly by. After being inspired by Susan Ilene’s Sensor series, she was motivated to write her first book. Angela dreamed about the events in the books for weeks before she finally started writing them down. Rebirth is Angela’s debut novel, but first of many in a series.

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