Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Free Read: Whispers to Mist Wisp of Fate Book One by D Fischer

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To save her own life, she must first figure out who she is.

Whispers to Mist
Wisp of Fate 
Book One
D Fischer


The Wisp of Fate series is fantasy and paranormal romance, a spin-off to both of D. Fischer's Rise of the Realms series and Cloven Pack series.

Jinx Li doesn't know who she is, or where she came from. Her memory doesn't go back past a few weeks. What she does know is how to hide from those who hunt her and how to survive on pure instinct.

When the local shifter pack, and their alpha, Jacob Trent, get involved with this mysterious and mythical woman, all bets are off. They want to know what she is, if she's a threat, and where she came from.

All jinx desires is normal life, but how can she have a normal life when everyone is trying to kill her?

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