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Now On Tour Mostly Innocent by J.M. Jinks

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Mostly Innocent
A Powers That Be Novel
Book One
J.M. Jinks

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Champagne Books

Date of Publication: 10/22/2018

Word Count: 58K


Tagline: If you can’t beat them, seduce them

Book Description:

Meet Layla James, your typical smart and snarky chick—except for the whole succubus thing. After nearly a millennium on Earth, Layla’s settled down in a boring life in Palm Springs, until a smoking-hot hunter comes to arrest her for murder. But Layla knows the rules—she'd never kill someone and incite the wrath of The Powers That Be.

Elijah Daines is a hunter, maintaining the balance of good and evil in the mortal realm, his power stronger than any hunter she’s ever encountered. Plus, he’s a seriously sexy distraction. Too bad he’s accused her of a crime she didn't commit.

As the killer continues a murder spree that not only frames Layla but threatens to expose the existence of supernatural creatures to humans, Layla and Elijah team up to investigate. Hopefully, they can fight off their escalating attraction for each other long enough to exonerate her and stop the murder madness.

About the Author:

J.M. Jinks was born and raised in Southern California. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and two cats in her hometown. J.M. has a Bachelor’s in French and a Master’s of Education. She is a teacher by day and a writer by night. J.M. and her husband welcomed a baby boy in May 2018.

J.M. has always had a love of reading that progressed into writing. Mostly Innocent is her first completed manuscript.

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