Friday, November 16, 2018

Surprise Sale: Get 20% Off Tours and Items in Bewitching Etsy Stores

Yesterday my daughter was all packed up and ready to drive home from NMU in the UP.

I was worried about her driving in the snow storm. Turns out that was the least of my worries. Her truck blew a head gasket before she even got off campus. Which I am very thankful it happened at school and not the middle of nowhere in the UP with no cell service.

So my husband grabbed a trailer and headed up there to get her and the truck to bring them home. The weather sucked, the roads were awful and a 12 hour round trip drive has turned into a 24+ hour drive. (They still are not home)

To make things worse they blew a tire on the way home.

We have no idea how much the truck will cost to fix, hopefully my husband can get it up and running before she has to be back the 25th.

So I'm offering some huge discounts on my creations and book tours to hopefully make some $$ to cover costs.

If you are interested use code: FIXTHEYOTA

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Cannot be combined with any other special pricing or sales.

These discounts expire Monday November 19.

Thank you in advance to any one who takes advantage of these deals.

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