Thursday, February 28, 2019

New Release: Bad Moon by Shyla Colt #NewRelease #PNR

***** We're all a little wild *****

Bad Moon
Bad Duology
Book 2
Shyla Colt

What would you do to save the one you loved?

Werewolf, Joss Weber has played the role of Moon Maiden for the White Creek Pack since she was nine. Bullied, belittled, and forced to obey their strange practices, she’d endured to keep her mother alive. As the dawn of a new era approaches, the needs of the many begin to outweigh her own desires.

An apocalypse is looming, and her choices will determine the end of the world or the re-birth of the supernatural hierarchy. Bound to her mate, vampire elder Kazimir, and pack member Isiah Eberstark, she’s trapped in a perpetual tug-o-war.

Sacrifices must be made, and the costs are higher than she ever imagined.

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