Thursday, February 14, 2019

New Release - The Witch and the Beast by H.G. Lynch #NewRelease #PNR

***** New Release February 14, 2019 *****

The Witch and the Beast
H.G. Lynch

"Before Belle, there was the witch who made him a beast. I am that witch."

Agatha is a commoner in the 18th century French town, Ribeauville. A clairvoyant's daughter with the dream of becoming more than her mother. Beautiful and ambitious as Agatha is, she has a dark secret that would mean her death if anyone found out. After all, nobody wants a Witch in town.

However, when a chance encounter with Prince Adam offers her a glimpse at a royal life, she begins to fall for the charming rogue of a Prince.

But Prince Adam is not entirely the suave, noble gentleman he appears to be.

He will pay the price for crossing a Witch.

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