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Release Day Blitz Sudden Frost by Anna Giblin #YAParanormal #YA #paranormalfantasy

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Sudden Frost
Vivian Frost
Book One
Anna Giblin

Genre: YA Paranormal

Date of Publication: February 22, 2019


Number of pages: 176
Word Count: 50,014

Cover Artist:

Tagline: Sometimes the scariest parts of the world reside in your mind.

Book Description:

A voice has echoed in seventeen-year-old Vivian Frost’s head for years, tormenting her at every turn. While the therapists say it’s a coping mechanism and the nuns sing a far more sinister tune, Vivian just wants to believe it out of existence. When she wakes from a nightmare in excruciating pain, she’s left with three haunting words and no way out.

Something that laid dormant inside her for years is threatening to claw itself out, and change her forever.

Will Vivian be able to rise above her limits, or will this inner darkness win?

"Of course, I don't hear the voice anymore, Dr. Wilson," I said. She sat across from me studying my expressions thoroughly, as though she's trying to find some micro-expression to tell her otherwise. When she didn't find one, she nodded slowly before smiling.
"That's wonderful to hear. Are you excited about the move tomorrow?"
No. Not really. I didn't want to deal with a whole new school in the middle of nowhere. I didn't want to travel hours to get there either. However, it wasn't my choice. It was never my choice.
I forced a smile. "Yes. This will be a nice change."
She sucked her teeth in sympathy. I hated when she did that. "I understand, dear. It will be better in a place that doesn't know." Dr. Wilson said. Actually, I hated her sometimes. I knew exactly what she was inferring. A few months ago, I had a freak-out that cost me the group I associated with. Then, rumors spread around the school that I was a freak. No one wanted to be friends with a freak.
Yes, it’s true, I am a freak, but only I can call myself one. When I call myself a freak, I know it is almost like an endearment. They, on the other hand, said it out of maliciousness and contempt. There, people didn't like weird or things they couldn't explain, and I happened to be one of those things.
"Yeah, I hope so," I said.
"How are things with your dad?" She asked, trying to change the subject to a lighter one.
Joke’s on her, it was just as heavy of a topic.
"Great," I said with another fake smile. It was not great. Technically, he’s my adoptive dad. Ben and Emma Frost adopted me when I was nine. I was so excited to be a part of a family that I ignored the signs at first. They adopted me to fill the void their stillborn created. Well, rather Emma adopted me for that reason. Ben adopted me to keep his wife happy. He never treated me like a daughter; he viewed me as a charge at most. Lately, we fight over everything. Emma brought it up to Dr. Wilson at the end of the last session, so it was an unavoidable topic in this one.
Dr. Wilson smiled softly, "That's good." She then took a sip of her steaming cup of coffee while I bit my nails. "Are you nervous?" She quickly asked.
"Kind of."
"You know I could recommend a therapist in Burlington."
No. I couldn't do this again. I couldn't pretend to be happy to a professional anymore. I couldn't handle the awkward conversations where I obviously need help but they are trying to direct the conversation to a topic my parents think is what is wrong with me rather than what is wrong with me.
"I think I'm fine now. I've been doing good off my medication, and I have not had an episode in months." I said with as much strength as I could muster. "If I feel myself getting bad again, I can always reach out."
Dr. Wilson glanced at her wristwatch and smiled. "Well then, Vivian. I am glad to have met and worked with you. Can I give you my email in case you do want to reach out for a recommendation?"
"Of course," I said. She handed me her business card, and I pocketed it. "Thank you for all your help," I uttered before walking out. In the lobby, Emma was flipping through a magazine. She didn't spot me at first, but that's typical. She was always stuck in her own head. I can tell this past month has been tough on her because her eyes had deep bags, and her frown lines were more defined. I cleared my throat, startling her.
"How'd it go, Hon?" She asked with a smile when she realized it was just me. I could read between the lines; she was asking me if it's over.
"Great. I'm ready for the move." I smiled back at her. I couldn't fake one, not for her. Emma's always so sweet to me. She made me laugh without meaning to. Sometimes I wished she is my real mother, but then I think about her husband, and I'm glad that’s not the case.
"Let's go home, you still have to make sure you pack everything. We can't come back if you forget!" She said. I didn't have a lot, but I always made sure to only keep the necessities. Just in case. I wouldn't forget anything, but I was going keep it to myself.

About the Author:

Anna Giblin is a reader, writer, and author of the new novel Sudden Frost. For years she has analyzed what it takes to construct a well-rounded story and has helped numerous authors develop and flourish their writing. While reading and helping others are two of Anna’s passions, her greatest love comes from writing, where she began to create other worlds and characters in High School. Anna lives and works in a little red house in Bridgeport, Connecticut but is a frequent ferry boat rider to visit her nephews in Long Island.

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