Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pre-Order Crimson Hunter: A Red Riding Hood Reimagining

“Put those rabid dogs down, Crimson Hunter, that’s an order from your Matriarch.”

Crimson Hunter: A Red Riding Hood Reimagining
Fairy Tale Fatale Book 1             
By ND Jones

The War of Eternal Hunger freed witches from the rule of werewolves, ending a patriarchy only to create a matriarchy. A thousand years later, Oriana, Matriarch of Steelcross and Crimson Hunter, is a young, untried ruler who seeks to bridge the divide between witches and werewolves.

But how can witches trust werewolves not to hurt them when Rage Disrupter collars are needed to control their lust for witch’s blood and magic? And how can werewolves trust witches to treat them as equals when they’ve built metal cities and armed themselves, literally, with iron weapons of werewolf destruction?

Claws and fangs.

Magic and metal.

Will one side devour the other, or will they find a way to peacefully coexist?

Welcome to Earth Rift, where the moon is black, and the sun is crimson.

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