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Now On Tour Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

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Enemy Games
Chronicles of the Empire
Book Two
Marcella Burnard
Genre: SFR/SciFiRom
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Date of Publication: 10/16/19

Number of pages: 425
Word Count: 95k

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Tagline: Different species from different worlds make reluctant allies.

Book Description:

While combating a plague, scientist Jayleia Durante becomes a pawn in a greater game. With her father missing and intergalactic mercenaries on her trail, her decision to cooperate with Major Damen Sindrivik may prove advantageous...if she can control her attraction to the officer who abducted her.Some secrets aren't worth keeping...Damen, a spy from a rival government, will use anything, including his predatory instincts, to achieve his mission...locating Jayleia's father.

She reacts to Damen's charm and seductive power, so why does he question her motivation?Conflicted loyalties and enemies abound...Traitors and the alien enemies threaten to destroy the galaxy. Jayleia must choose.

Betray her father, risk her friends, and lose Damen, or prevent an Interstellar war?

About the Author:

Marcella Burnard graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in acting. Yes, there have been a few paying gigs here and there, but writing is her true love. Marcella writes science fiction romance, urban fantasy, paranormal, and fantasy. If a story brings the weird, Marcella’s right there for it. She lives in Florida, where she and her husband are outnumbered by cats. Marcella is actively involved in feline rescue in the Tampa Bay area, and you can always find cat photos and videos on her Facebook page or on her Instagram account.

Twitter: @marcellaburnard

Instagram: @marcellaburnard

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